Centrode Health

| July 11, 2020

However, the theoretical boardings of Psychology that nosnorteiam in the construction of these to also know in them aliceram to make aspontes and to arrive at the joint. In accordance with the pedagogical principles I CAME of, osconhecimentos are constructed it from the problematizao of the reality, having oestudante an active paper in the learning […]

Hospice Peter

| July 9, 2020

Has who affirms, however, that its capacity of alteration of the assistencial model has not gotten the same same success or that the PSF has not guaranteed, of systematic form, the access of its clientele to the levels of bigger complexity of the health, nor the universalizao of the covering. Some studies had observed that […]

Divine Reality

| June 26, 2020

We are saying in the truth of the Alter Swaying Ego. This farcical personage! Its colorful clothes are weaveeed with wires of the selectivity, under the regimen of the law of Gerson and dress its soul-instrument. The bred soul that was for the Deity in flagrant necessity, serves of platform of landing for the Spirit, […]

There Planche

| June 26, 2020

Basic characteristics of the projective techniques the definition proposal per Planche-Pontalis in 1974. This launches more light, on the characteristics of the projectivas techniques, therefore, the citizen perceives the way environment and answers the same in function of its proper interests, lasting attitudes, habits, afectivos states, hopes and desires. It hisses, 1989, it says that […]

The Babies

| June 24, 2020

The function of the attachment, of the point of view of the baby, is to guarantee psychological security, as Newcombe teaches (1999). The signals of the existence of attachment between a baby and the person who takes care of of it are evidentes in three phenomena. First, the attachment figure is capable of what any […]

Reality Negation

| June 21, 2020

From then on, we find some points where we can find the theory of Freud on defense mechanisms. The here described defenses they are forms that psique has of if protecting of the internal and external tension. The defenses prevent the reality (repression), exclude the reality (negation, redefine the reality (rationalization) or invert it (reactive […]

Skinner Experiment

| May 3, 2020

' ' It can be learned to program consequences special for the behaviors that we desire to strengthen in our futures pacientes' ' (Moreira and Medeiros, 2007). The box of Skinner is an instrument that was created by B.F. Skinner, in 1932, that it contains a handspike that when pressed for a rat, under the […]

Teach Children Fear

| March 15, 2017

We often meet people who are aggressively tuned on dogs and their owners. Of course, the reasons for such behavior are many, from elementary jealousy ("you can have a dog, and I do not ') as well as to various psychological disorders. Most often, the fear of the dog as a child may become aggressive […]

Basic Psychological Functions

| March 15, 2015

Sensory (feeling) is one of the basic psychological functions. Feeling or sensation of the process – there is a psychological function, which is mediating, reports the perception of physical irritation. Therefore, a sense of identity with perception. Sensor should be strictly distinguished from the emotion, because emotion is a very different process, which may, for […]

Normal Information

| June 16, 2014

Since very early, the children have acessoa video-games in which everything permitido to it, also to kill, to steal, etc. and, data that this relation with mquina, in some cases, but intense of what with people who would have to promote oentendimento of the behavior rules that they guide the experience in society, certainly will […]