| March 28, 2014

Hello and welcome my dear reader, student or teacher. In this article we will discuss a brief introduction to the differential calculus. Coupled with the idea of integration, the derivation is an operation that focuses on taking parts of a whole. In the case that concerns us, the derivation, we want to take a tiny […]


| March 22, 2014

Cigars cigars or cigarettes are of different sizes, are sold singly or in elegant wooden boxes. You drive to buy if you’re not a smoker, perhaps for a precious gift. The price is almost half the price in Italy. For example a box with three of Montecristo n 4 costs about 10 dollars. You can […]

Kogan Quantities

| March 16, 2014

Who needs such ambiguity? Then Kogan decided to enter into their system variables fifth main value – the number of structural elements. After the introduction of a set of basic values of the rotation angle and the number of structural elements of the many questions that previously had no clear answer, began to get these […]


| March 10, 2014

Open wiring is done on the surface of walls and ceilings. For the installation using copper or aluminum wire with rubber insulation, coated with PVC. You can also apply for installation Copper and aluminum wires with insulation of a polyvinyl chloride, but only if the wire separating the base, separating one strand from the other […]

Egyptian Art

| March 7, 2014

Although most of the initial Met acquis on Egyptian art came from private collections, almost half of the current collection came from antiquities discoveries made through excavations organized by the same museum between 1906 and 1944. a collection of Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Central European, Byzantine and Islamic pieces, rare unique and fascinating works of […]