Spanish Economy

| April 28, 2014

If this situation would happen thus, be optimal in the present Spanish economy, since it would alleviate stocks of the organizations, would regularize the real estate market reactivating the inelstica nature of the house and, by all means, would suppose an injection of money to the coffers of the state of great magnitude and importance. […]

Vladimir Gerchikov

| April 9, 2014

It is most appreciated the impact of general business and management recognition of his services, rather than money or prestige of the job. Finally, the special merit of Vladimir Gerchikova – the discovery of a fifth type of motivation. He discovered what was on the long the surface: there is a category of people who […]

Trinidad Cuban

| April 9, 2014

They are several shots of Chamber of heaven and nature, as well as Cuban natural fruits, and environments abroad. In the film: Lucia, first part of the story, the theme of an architecture can be distinguished colonial, well designed, spacious, and beautiful despite their images in black and white, recreates the colonial atmosphere, both in […]