World War

| May 31, 2021

Meanwhile, off the coast of Japan did not stop the tremors. On the west coast Japan near the city of Akita in the night of Tuesday, April 19, an earthquake magnitude of 5.1. Another earthquake of magnitude 5.3 was recorded off the east coast of Honshu Island. A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred on […]

The Event

| May 22, 2021

Mounting and dismounting. It should be clean, quick and directed by the catering company, which is who is going to use these later installations.In general, the set consists of chairs or tables, podiums, and bars if the place doesn’t offer them. Both dishes and table linen cleaning, and also spaces (soils, etc.) Everything must be […]

Canary Island Photos

| May 4, 2021

La Palma is one of the small Canary Islands. It offers visitors beautiful dark beaches, various volcanoes and ideal for hiking. La Palma, one of the smallest and greenest Island, holds much for tourists. Describing this tour we want to introduce the South of the island in Word and image. You can print like this […]

The Governments

| May 4, 2021

Then you would ask but inevitably: it is not the task of the democratic State to protect its citizens? And should the State do then not everything in his power, so that never again a business its growth and its profits with the risk increases, many others including existentially suffering have to? The answer can […]

Majesty Cookie

| May 3, 2021

Royal visit on the Gendarmenmarkt WeihnachtsZauber square in Berlin. Gendarmenmarkt WeihnachtsZauber is one of the most beautiful and most famous Christmas markets in the heart of Berlin. In close proximity to the traditional Friedrichstrasse a colorful, festive mix of lights, music, show program, international craft artists and gastronomic delights presents itself this year again. Of […]

Red Cross

| May 1, 2021

Could the guests briefly relax at Hotel, which was accessible from there on foot, then freshen up for the evening. In the evening we went to Charlottenburg Palace, where a dinner taken and the actual Ceremony was completed. On the Tuesday morning still visit the ZDF capital Studios was to conclude on the agenda, before […]