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Posted By on May 4, 2021

La Palma is one of the small Canary Islands. It offers visitors beautiful dark beaches, various volcanoes and ideal for hiking. La Palma, one of the smallest and greenest Island, holds much for tourists. Describing this tour we want to introduce the South of the island in Word and image. You can print like this map of La Palma is to better prepare your La Palmatrip. Michelin Star Restaurant is open to suggestions. You can send free this card card to so many friends and family as you like. Important note: the photos and maps are copyrighted. Use the print out of the travel report (or send by mail of the entire trip report) requires the consent of Combipix or an enables our automatic license system.

For questions we are gladly available. La Palma – Canary Islands map map print la Palmakarte (click here!) (1) Santa Cruz de la Palma > Villa de Mazo 13 km / 15 min 2.) Villa de Mazo > Fuencaliente 16 km / 20 min 3.) Fuencaliente >> Fuencaliente (volcano) 2 km / 4 min 4.) Fuencaliente (volcano) > Fuencaliente (lighthouse) 2 km / 10 min 5.) Fuencaliente (lighthouse) > Puerte NAOs 25 km / 35 min. 6.) Puerto Naos > Santa Cruz de la Palma 40 miles / 55 mins 1.) Santa Cruz de la Palma > Villa de Mazo 13 km / 15 min. We start our tour in the island’s capital Santa Cruz de la Palma. “Detailed information about the city can be find in the Combipix day tour North-East of La Palma”. From the City Centre follow direction airport just the signs. A multi-lane motorway takes you directly to the airport.

The airport is located directly at the coast. Various terraces allow an interesting look directly on the start / runway. La Palma Airport Canary Canary Islands we leave the airport behind us and go direction Villa de Mazo.

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