Saturation Wood

| December 21, 2016

Therefore, domestic laminated chipboard is no compromising on the quality of foreign land counterparts, the more so as the main domestic plants produce chipboard for the licensing of the leading foreign companies. Today in any production are all laminated chipboard for laboratory testing for the presence of formaldehyde. The content of formaldehyde resin in laminated […]

Wooden Construction Materials

| December 20, 2016

If desired, arrange a home rehabilitation spa in the first place need to build a sauna. Construction of a bath – just a godsend for owners of suburban areas. Traditionally, the tree is prepared for a bath at times of winter, it is due to the peculiarities of construction of the tree. Obtained in the […]

Wood Stoves

| December 4, 2016

The efficiency of furnaces is measured by its redeeming which consequently determines the consumption and consumption changes depending on the fuel. Today the two most common types of stoves for the home are: Gas stoves and wood stoves, these in turn can burn other solid fuels such as coal and anthracite. For better understanding, we […]

Appendix Insulation

| December 4, 2016

The construction of plaster of light 'Radeks' must comply with the requirements of zharnym opposite and one of the variants of Appendix A. Marks polimermineralnyh compositions and mineral compositions polimermineralnyh should be taken in accordance with the the constructive solutions. The system is attached to the outer surface of the walls, made of various materials […]