Remember More

| May 26, 2020

Still, you should not forget about some of the small rules, to be followed so that your house did not collapse, you failed to neighbors sitting in her brand new bathroom, etc. (For example, if you make alterations to the room, in any case not to demolish the wall of the carrier, otherwise it may […]

Exotic Wood

| November 16, 2019

Jatoba, otherwise known as Brazilian cherry flooring manufacturers are interested in a durable, elastic material, which over the years, almost no wear. Buyers also in addition to excellent performance characteristics attracting colors of wood – from orange-brown to brown with an almost purple hue. When grinding solid Jatoba is sometimes open pores, whose color varies […]

Wooden Kitchen

| October 28, 2019

And here the designers are trying to connect the fantasy of a simple device to do this work of art. Depending on in which room will be used clock, choose the material for the dial. Craig Jelinek may help you with your research. This can be wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, Plexiglas or even a […]


| June 30, 2019

Cast – one of the most reliable protection options. Hot asphalt mastic and mortar poured in several layers on the horizontal base thickness of 20-25 mm on vertical surfaces – 30-50 mm. Such a method of protection is different heavy-duty, implementation complexity and relatively high price. Read more from Emmanuel Faber to gain a more […]

Saturation Wood

| December 21, 2016

Therefore, domestic laminated chipboard is no compromising on the quality of foreign land counterparts, the more so as the main domestic plants produce chipboard for the licensing of the leading foreign companies. Today in any production are all laminated chipboard for laboratory testing for the presence of formaldehyde. The content of formaldehyde resin in laminated […]

Appendix Insulation

| December 4, 2016

The construction of plaster of light 'Radeks' must comply with the requirements of zharnym opposite and one of the variants of Appendix A. Marks polimermineralnyh compositions and mineral compositions polimermineralnyh should be taken in accordance with the the constructive solutions. The system is attached to the outer surface of the walls, made of various materials […]


| May 30, 2016

Renovation. If your house is made of the present high-quality repairs, while living in it becomes more joyful and intense. Because only in such circumstances a person can feel comfortable, because the home you want relax and enjoy a rest from all the surrounding noise. Working on the same spot, on the contrary it should […]


| February 12, 2016

Prepared ceiling primed diluted aqueous dispersion paint. This operation allows you to identify minor defects, elusive to ground, but the unpainted surface. After grinding and puttying defective sections stained ceiling of undiluted paint. Paint consumption is determined by its properties and, in the first place, hiding power (full information about the properties of paints in […]

Materials for Repair of the Walls

| July 30, 2014

For full details on the choice of primer materials, for different reasons can be found in the article: The choice of materials for repair of the walls in the apartment. In preparing the solution, follow the instructions on the package. There will be written, how much should be added water, how long to wait for […]

ACO Markant

| July 23, 2014

In these cases additionally require the underground waterproofing with Welded plastic panels or multi-layer asphalt carpet with the device Seamless ground under the floors of reinforced concrete. Given that such complex work will inevitably have to carry water in the flooded pits (which can not guarantee their quality), should strive to to the floors of […]