Hammer Installation

Posted By on March 11, 2021

Assembly wooden paneling does not require prior preparation and alignment of the walls, and a board mounted quickly and easily. We need the necessary tools: Hammer. Jigsaw. Drill with screwdriver attachments or screwdriver. Molotok.Samorezy on wood 75 mm and 35 mm.Samorezy fast installation 60 mm.Vagonka.Klyaymera mounting studs or 1.2 x20 mm.Uroven.Otves. You can do it yourself – on a rope hanging cylindrical gruzik.Montazhnaya .. and mineral wool for utepleniya.Derevyanny block (40×50 mm). hangers.

Stapler and staples. Another sequence assembly prior to installation must necessarily hold electrician to lay the necessary wires, and communication. It was only after installation and verify that the electrical installation can begin lining. Now proceed to the installation of wooden crates. To do this, fasten hangers with screws (60 mm) at a distance of 60-70 cm from each other.

With the plumb and level should be set to an ideal vertical upper and lower bars. Then they fastened mounting thread, which creates a perfectly flat plane in which will be attached pieces of wood. To broaden your perception, visit Dollar General. We fasten these to the suspension bars 35 mm self-tapping screws. Be sure to follow the horizontal and vertical – depends on the quality of installation. After the installation of lathing to open it is desirable antifungal primer and allow to dry. Then you can insulate the space between the wall and a crate of mineral wool. On top of mineral wool create waterproof with a special waterproof material – vapor barrier, which fasten to the wooden planks stepplerom. The preparatory phase is over, and it's time to start lining fastening itself. Need to carefully measure the height of the room and cut the linings of this size. Attached it may in different ways: staples, nails or countersunk klyaymerami. The most commonly used nails (they are not suitable only for decorative surfaces – for them there are invisible secret klyaymera). Siding nails attached to the wooden planks directly to the castle. It turns out that absolutely nails are not visible. Lining starting from the corner of a room or a fireplace, as in the second photo. Going round the perimeter of the room in the corner will have docking pick up the last board width or cut it to size. Here's what happened as a result: I want to highlight for readers MirSovetov one more thing – Door and window soffits. That's how they looked originally. Note that the perimeter of the aperture is already installed pieces of wood. They will be engraved and cut to the width of the opening lining. All the same studs. Since this is the case window slopes a little differently. There, as the installation plastic slope, first to the window strip is screwed home. And one end is inserted into the groove siding starter strip and the other is nailed to a wooden block, which must necessarily set in advance vertically. That's what we came: And the final stage – with a special varnish coating lining, which will not allow the tree to change color over time and will retain its texture. As mentioned earlier, you can give any color with bunk using stains that benefit set off the interior. As you can see, installation of lining is not smarter, faster, and the result pleases. Yes, and comfort creates a special, gives the house smell heavenly forest and some unique tranquility.

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