Guarani Language Tribute

| June 28, 2013

25 OF AUGUST OF 2009: DAY OF LANGUAGE GUARANI TRIBUTE TO RAMON WHISTLES AND KAY UHPE Guarani e" altar jehecharamvo Mbo" ehra Ramon Whistles oipepirkuri ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND GUARANIme CULTURE o hagua hendive Kay" uhpe. Jaikuaahicha ko tembiapo osjepi altar is altar ane ret is ambue tet rupi, omyasivo ane Avae" is ane ret […]

Sri Lanka

| June 15, 2013

In these countries, where a warm welcome and full of exquisite dishes table is not just the law of hospitality, but also a matter of honor owners of the house or cafe where you left off a meal, the descendants of ancient and wise nation. Given the not too high a standard of living in […]

Self Improvement

| June 14, 2013

As a human being, we are different from other kind of animals, we could think and we are able to improve ourselves. While the world we are living in is always changing, thus we need to renew ourselves all the time. On the one hand we should have a further study in our specialized field. […]

Luxury Hotels

| June 8, 2013

The grandiose hotel chains often offer highly qualified but too standardized services. The large buildings of conventional accommodations (including the five stars) offer accommodations elegant and neat, but without a soul. Rooms are designed in chain, and there is not a stamp of character that distinguishes one hotel of another. This monotonous situation arises Hotel […]


| June 1, 2013

TRUMP HOTEL COLLECTION joins efforts with PREFERRED HOTEL GROUP Preferred Hotels & Resorts will represent the whole of the portfolio of the Trump Hotel Collection brand on December 9, 2010 New York two of the most important firms of hospitality worldwide have joined forces, Trump Hotel Collection has teamed up with Preferred Hotel Group to […]