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In these countries, where a warm welcome and full of exquisite dishes table is not just the law of hospitality, but also a matter of honor owners of the house or cafe where you left off a meal, the descendants of ancient and wise nation. Given the not too high a standard of living in these countries, it is appropriate to leave some food on your plate as a sign that the food was great and you are absolutely satisfied. And that's eaten up the last crumbs of food – Direct, oddly enough, the insult master. In his view – he has not enough capacity to feed a finicky, and besides, not educated guest. 5.B Saudi Arabia, talking with a representative the opposite sex do not forget – this is not England and France, in general, you've come to the camp quite individual and to respect the culture. According to Sharia, a woman ought not to learn, communicate, and to greet people without the presence of a husband or older women.

Even today for many is the complete immorality. In Arabia, women have no right to vote, to own businesses, to appear in court. Well, how many people, so many views of many countries, so many customs. And it would be highly immoral to have on our side in any way to violate them or to condemn what they would have no byli.6.V a number of countries – Sri Lanka, India, Africa, the Near and Middle East is the left hand is riding obscene or sacrilegious. According to some nuances – the basis of hygienic purposes, despite the availability of the benefits of civilization, this custom has been preserved to this day. But the main reason – according to the Koran, the Prophet was eating with his right hand, and Satan – the left because was left-handed.

So, traveling to the above mentioned countries must take into account such things, so as not to offend the religious beliefs of people just do not know this kind of melochey.7.Posetiv Celestial Empire, China, and eager to make a gift, first consult with a guide or a local resident. China – a country of ancient philosophical culture, grandiose, and thin ceremonies, symbolic gestures and actions, and you never know what can symbolically designate one or the other thing. Clock as a gift in this country, but still wrapped in paper white symbolizes the frailty of our existence, and death. The same mean received a gift of white flowers in Bangladesh, even a gift from the best intentions. In other matters, it's a small list of the nuances, most likely known avid travelers, but not once to familiarize those who first time to travel. It is better not to get roped in, get acquainted with the traditions of the visited country, and came back and share the fantastic experiences with friends and family, Record notes and photos about journey into the blog site or portal on world landmarks, they will be read and someone will come in handy as well as find interesting and useful information about other countries, to give or receive sovetv service issues and responses to the new ride. For the world – a world he had boundless. Travel, learn, share your impressions!

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