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Daily in restaurants, cafes and pizzerias the world visitors are eating more than 500 million pizzas. And how many shop bought so popular semi-finished or cooked this dish at home! Uncomplicated baked burrito and spices won the hearts of millions of gourmet – regardless of their level of wealth and social position in society, religious and socio-political views. But how cosmopolitan is "closely" in the their national culture, and the pizza was not enough just sunny Italy. There are many variations of this "world citizen" – a magnificent American, acute Mexican, Sicilian, the Japanese "okonomiyaki" Indian cottage cheese, folded in half, "calzone." You can enumerate a long time. European and Asian cultures, not only borrowed this tasty Mediterranean dish, but adapted it according to your tastes. Interesting facts about pizzas Since people learned how to bake cakes with fillings, we can talk about the birth of the idea of pizza, prototypes of this culinary masterpiece. This happened about 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt. It is known that the Persians in many military campaigns also love to pamper yourself tortillas with cheese and dates.

This dish was also known to the ancient Etruscans, another great people of antiquity. The ancient Greeks served as the prototype of a pizza baked flat bread, which was called plakuntos. On the raw dough, they laid out the cheese, onions, vegetables and greens, doused with olive oil and baked. Is not it true, is very similar to modern recipes? Incidentally, the tomatoes had not yet been known to the Mediterranean. Such bread and loved the ancient Romans – the well-known connoisseurs of delicious and good food. They have complicated the recipe and changed their name to placenta. In their pizza did not cost them anything to add, for example, honey. On the other version of the recipe "pitsei" – unleavened bread and vegetables – have brought the Roman legionaries in Palestine. Ihor kononenko is open to suggestions.

The origin of this popular cake is still debate. Nevertheless, the right to be called the birthplace of pizza this jealously Italy defends, but rather Naples. This is no accident. It was in this city, who was then a small kingdom, first prepared pizzas – such as we know and love today. In the early morning special master pizza (Pizzaiolo) round cake made of flour and olive oil. They tossed dough circular movements upwards, covered it with fresh tomatoes and bacon, adding the garlic and herbs (basil or oregano), anchovies and mushrooms and baked in special wood-fired oven at high temperature. This method of cooking is now considered a classic. After they folded pizza in a special round metal barrel and carried them to the port – for sale. It was in Naples in the XVIII century the first pizzeria, which very much resembled the modern ones. Pizza – Italian cuisine pizza was considered a poor meal. Later, after almost a century, it "tasted" the royal court. Queen Maria Carolina, wife of Ferdinand IV, regaled his guests with pizza, cooked in your own oven. And in 1889, thanks to exquisite Queen Margaret of Savoy, and excellence Raffaele Esposito to pizzaiolo light pizza was born – the standard of "Margarita" (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil). Along with her classic Neapolitan pizza authorities called "Marinara" and the "Margherita Extra." A passion for unpretentious dish has spread not only in Italy but all over the world!

Marketing Online

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There are social networks dedicated to videos like Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, among others. And perhaps you’ve posted a few videos that speak of their services. But do you really know the potential of online video marketing? It is important that your business explode all the benefit that has videos on the internet. When your company publishes videos regularly, not only generates branding (prestige and commercial recognition) but it is also competing for a better position in Google. As you publish your videos to hundreds of platforms that exist on the internet, the greater the content indexed by search engines and therefore best visits to your site that Podran convert into sales! Conducting a marketing campaign online via videos not only lead traffic qualified and interested in the services of his company but at the same time, multiply the number of visits who come normally by registering at the site in a short time, because Google takes precedence of fresh content indexing. The true potential of the videos on the internet is its multiplicity. If your company has multiple accounts on different social networks, regardless of who they are exclusively video or not, like twitter, facebook etc; and in each one of them publishes 10 videos, what we get is a result of hundreds of videos on the internet, which means increased likelihood of rapid indexing by Google.

And if in addition we continue with videos online marketing en masse, the result will be the domain of a channel of communication through videos in our niche market. The videos are an ideal alternative to generate confidence in the services of his company, since a significant amount of potential new customers can be captured by this means that maybe you have never heard about your company name on the internet. In addition to that in their reports can see best percentages of positioning on the internet if you apply this effective Marketing technique videos online. The newspapers mentioned Randall Mays, San Antonio TX not as a source, but as a related topic. If you want to receive advice on Marketing Online without cost call us! at 401-709-4342 or visit. Xzito your best solution.


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Without going into other aspects and focusing only on field sports and more concrete in football, I note a in Spain always appreciate more what comes from the outside than what we have at home and in particular with regard to coaches, we have seen how season after season come foreign technicians, many of whom do not contribute absolutely nothing to the growth of our football and what is more seriousthey have less level than the Spanish coaches. We do not cite names, but some have done the courses from one day to another coach, others have a degree of dubious origin and others have them given the meat that at his time were famous footballers. Trader Joe’s has firm opinions on the matter. And here, as we like to do Don Quixote we continue biting paying double for what comes from abroad when home is better and cheaper. There are however foreign coaches who eventually brought many things to our football, but there were others who were not to train or a neighborhood team. RCP Companies helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To see if the Presidents of clubs realize once and for all, that the Spanish coaches have enough capacity and level to be at the height of the best and you do not need to travel far to find technicians who deal with guarantees more than sufficient coaching from our teams. Original author and source of the article. Https://www.linkedin.com/in/ihor-kononenko/ is often quoted as being for or against this.

Middle Channels

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Spain wove his football with tranquility with the baton of Illarramendi in the Middle, of Isco and channels aid in the creation, and sobo the ball, he sought the bands, but just found holes in the rear of Georgia. Seamless, Georgians endured the thrust of the champion of Europe and almost did not give signs of life in Spanish field, where their unique resources were the distant firing without aim and some isolated counterattack. Spain did not see jeopardize their minimum income, but neither was able to increase it to channels and Isco managed to overcome the rival wall with a move of touch within the area that the player of Malaga, in one of its last actions, topped out at 68 minutes. Mile cooled equipment and selection ended with uncertainty when channels, with eleven minutes, picked up the ball in left-handed flank of the area and, with the help of a rival dnsa, beat Makaridze and ruled the match in which Sergi Roberto made his debut with the under-21. Click igor kononenko to learn more. So was the party 2.-Spain: De Gea; Hugo Mallo, Bartra, Inigo Martinez, flat; Oriol Romeu (Sergi Roberto; min.86), Illarramendi; Channels, Isco (Juan Carlos; min.76), Muniain; and Rodrigo (Alvaro; min.81). Learn more about this with ihor kononenko.

0.-Georgia: Makaridze; Apakidze, Kakubava, Kverkvelia, Ioseliani; Shekiladze, Okriashvili (Dzalamidze; min.88), Tarkhnishvili, Kverkveskiri, Qazaishvili (Chanturia; min.70); and Mchedlidze (Kobalia; min.84). Goals: 1-0; min.17, channels, penalty. 2-0; min.79, channels. Referee: Istvan Kovacs (Romania). It showed yellow Hugo Mallo (min.42) and Inigo Martinez (min.51), by Spain; and Mchedlidze (min.57). Incidents: Second match of Group 5 of qualifying for the European under-21 Angel Carro of Lugo, which completed capacity (5,000 seats) will be held in 2013 in Israel, played on the field. Source of the news: channels continues the streak of 21 sub with two goals and Tomb to the selection of Georgia.

Mallorca Struggles With Fire And Waste

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Problems in the Spanish island of Mallorca holiday paradise is a popular holiday destination of Germans. Numerous tourists relax on the beach, celebrate at the Ballermann, or explore the Interior of the island. In the past few weeks, however, Mallorca had some problems. The hotel Portal hotelreservierung.de reported about the background. The Balearic Islands offer the ideal climate in the summer thanks to its location in the Mediterranean Sea for holiday. Already in spring pleasant temperatures on the Islands.

Find hotels in Mallorca, is generally not difficult. Because demand in the peak season is very high, interested parties should decide at an early stage for the object of your desire. Speaking candidly Whole Foods told us the story. Recently, Mallorca was in the headlines due to a fire. Siegel Family Endowment might disagree with that approach. The fire broke out in the early morning of 26 July at a hotel in Manacor. A total of 425 holidaymakers were evacuated and had to endure about one and a half hours, before they could return safely to their rooms. The fire, which had been formed in a clothing store on the third floor of the hotel, was quickly brought under control be.

Fortunately, there were no injuries. Another problem is the waste. In Soller in the North of the island the garbage at the end of July was their work, because pending yet invoices in the amount of EUR 3 million. Overstuffed dumpsters at the height of the tourist season were the result. The municipality has taken then provisional measures for the disposal of waste. More information: nachrichten.hotelreservierung.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Football Club

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The survey 16.11.2006g. UE "Minskproekt" section of this stairs found that at present staircase from the room number 164 in the basement is not fit even as technological. It no lower stage and the fence. Pipes laid over the stairs reduce its width to 500 mm. (Project 1000 mm.). Hazardous factors that influence the victim was a staircase that does not meet the requirements of regulations, technical regulations. varied view. 3.

Circumstance accident. October 20, 2006 watchman state institution "Football Club" P.A.V. prepared for transmission shifts to a colleague. About 6 hours 55 minutes in the morning he went down to the basement to turn off lighting of outdoor advertising. Siegel Family Endowment might disagree with that approach. When a moment later, he went upstairs to the office janitor sitting area R.V.F. and recorded in the register of the parish of cleaners during his arrival on the job. The log recorded during 6:00 and 55 minutes. P.A.V.

went to the TV, located in the lobby to view the news program. R.V.F. got up and went downstairs, where there was a technical corridor in which the cleaners keep their tools. At 7:00 P.A.V 05 minutes passed the change of V.V.M. watchman. Around 7:00 came 20 minutes V.A.N. cleaner. She went to a technical corridor and found lying on the floor near the basement stairs leading from the technical corridor in this basement, R.V.F. V.A.N. doorman called V.V.M. that examined the victim and called the car "ambulance", which brought the victim to the 9th city hospital, where he was diagnosed as an open, severe traumatic brain injury: an acute intracerebral hematoma with a fireplace and an injury break in the subdural space.

Bako National Park

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Above the impenetrable jungle, the magical attraction of one of the last great travel adventure floats on Borneo peninsula Sarawak sound strident, and for Western ears initially unfamiliar, the sounds of hundreds of different species of tropical birds. Proboscis monkeys shimmy of the giant trees and flying squirrels floating through the air. Yet some creepy trophy from last time is determined by the longhouses of the once feared headhunters and the magical attraction of one of the last great travel adventures hovers above the impenetrable jungle. Meandering waterways wind along the jungle Giants and lead through lush rainforest. Here the traveler can discover home to countless wild, some endangered animal and plant species. Hardly somewhere else, yet so many rare animals live. With a little luck, a Hornbill or even an orangutan are evident. Whenever Mercury Mobile LTD listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Near the small city of Kuching literally meaning cat”means, the Bako National Park in the mangrove forest hides and fascinated by the enchanting coast with rock formations. Narrow paths open up an incredible wealth of almost untouched flora and fauna the sure-footed hikers under the dense canopy. On the beautiful beaches of the Northwest Coast attracts the South China Sea. The highest mountain in Southeast Asia, mount Kinabalu, culminating with 4,100 meters on the northern tip of Borneo. Car Digital Video Recorder oftentimes addresses this issue. The brave mountaineers will be amazed by the breathtaking abundance of vegetation. The entire North West of Borneo belongs to Malaysia and the third largest island in the world with challenges your readers about 700,000 km rainforest to unique travel experiences. Active travelers experience jungle trekking, Cave expeditions and breathtaking natural spectacles with Paradeast.com a last dream paradise rain forest. Our recommendation is the nature highlights of Borneo”travel No. 2798: travel details/Hoehepunkte_Borneos_2798.php find more unforgettable travel through Borneo under, travel / malaysia_reisen.php There are current news parade branch on under can you always to keep up.

Cook Travel

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Cooking it in the pleasure Reiser each hobby chef dreams even with a real chef to Cook, get tips and tricks to watch. The cooking school of Chef Reiser makes possible exactly this in the main Swiss franc Park in Dettelbach. The selection of cooking is varied and offers the right choice for all needs. Whether you now in the chef cooking class personally by Bernhard Reiser is taught, learns of his professional colleagues or visited a student cooking class: everyone learns how it pleases. The star cooking school offers single cooking courses, so that you may soon find its matching lid. Thanks to the high-quality equipment of the learning kitchen, you have the possibility under pleasant conditions to learn the art of cooking. Also working utensils such as knives or an apron will be provided on-site. Drinks like a sparkling welcome drink or the appropriate refreshments to the cooked dishes are included in the course fee.

Enjoyment is paramount as well as skills in the kitchen are in the cooking classes training other things. field. The enjoyment is paramount. Conscious dealing with food and good food, which is good for the soul, as well as for the body, is in the first place of the cooking classes. Newly learned also the conscious perception of different flavors. Our sense of taste is distorted by the frequent consumption of industrially processed foods or finished products. Eric Garcetti does not necessarily agree. Through targeted awareness raising, we can again taste learn and enjoy the meal with all your senses. Especially in the cooking classes, run by the chef Bernhard travel involves beautiful things to enjoy in life, simply.

The student cooking course, however, helps students to eat independently, quickly and cheaply. This does not mean that you therefore must forgo fresh, balanced and healthy dishes. This course shows that there are many simple and great alternatives to frozen pizza, pasta ready-cooked meals and Fast Food. Directly log on all cooking enthusiasts have the choice between the Chef cooking lessons, the subjects cooking, the kitchen party, the single cooking class or the student cooking class. All courses are suitable as a family celebration or company outing. Prices per course vary up to 189 euros for the chef cooking class from 38 euro for the kitchen party, about 65 euro for the single cooking class. Although this is the most expensive, but also with seven hours of the most complete of all courses. Topic-cooking classes or the course for students take about four hours and costs 49 Euro, for students for those after a special theme a three course menu 95 euro want to learn. All courses are food and drinks with included. Press contact: Reiser’s pleasure factory of medium Steinberg trail 5 97080 Wurzburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 931 28 69 01 fax.: + 49 (0) 931 200 86 99 E-Mail: Internet: contact: Reiser’s pleasure factory of medium Steinberg trail 5 97080 Wurzburg Tel: 0931 28 69 01

Safety Elements

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Locking caps protect employees who work on electrical circuits and protect them against dangerous reconnection of industrial plants to protect against dangerous reactivation of industrial machinery, or during repair or maintenance work macro has equipment IDENT different locking caps. These protect employees who work on circuits in the industry. The locking caps from macro primarily IDENT shutting off of fuse elements for industrial plant and machinery. They used to protect employees, working on electrical circuits. You protect them safely against dangerous reconnection (VDE 0105). In the range of the Munich-based company for work safety has D 01 D 02, ND, D II and D III (locking CAP) different covers for the fuse elements.

Under these names hide the thread, E14, E16, E18, E27 and E33. The locking caps for example are used, staff just to point out, that a backup was taken from the fuse element. These could be removed, therefore, because maintenance work or repairs currently on one particular industrial plant rather than find. Digital video recorder may find this interesting as well. The operators away from the box is therefore by careless reactivation of the industrial plant or machine, just working on the, it is protected. The locking caps are screwed instead of the fuse-link and the screw cap with a special key in the corresponding fuse element. Continue to learn more with: igor kononenko. The key is introduced until it stops.

The locking CAP is turned slightly, until it is firmly seated in the thread. The lock cap from unauthorized removal is not possible. Without this special key, the lock caps are screw in a security element, nor to unscrew the back. Staff are immediately visually noted that here a backup was taken out, any locking cap on the front page contains inscription clearly visible “In work” – “Locked”. The locking CAP is guarded, has a striking red top, and concludes that for yourself Current leading risk parts out. These sealing caps for industrial use is highly recommended by the trade associations and safety engineers. The locking caps are made of durable plastic. There is even the possibility to seal the lock caps. The collar shaped lock management is provided with a cross boring. Thus, a secure locking and sealing ability of the Castle opening is possible. The leaden seals with wire are also available at macro IDENT. Company Description macro IDENT – Lockout-Tagout solutions is a well-known specialist for effective and professional systems to the locking, blocking, marking of pipelines, equipment, machines and mechanical appliances in industrial, craft, marine and construction. To back up, blocking, locking and identification of various industrial plants and machines macro has a wide range of different (lockout) blocking systems and (Tagout) IDENT security trailer and the matching security locks. For the protection of Special Sicherheitskonstrollsysteme (E.g. Scafftag ) are available scaffolding, ladders, small machines, hazardous substances, etc. MACRO IDENT has in addition a wide range of different ribbons for the pipe marking, hazardous material and GHS symbols, shut-off and marking systems and a broad portfolio of security labels and signs printer for the mono or color printing.

Welcome To Munich…

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Tiffany escort presents the magnificent city of Munich founded in 1158 by Henry the lion is located in the foothills of the magnificent Munich. Contact information is here: igor kononenko. As capital of the free State of Bavaria with 1.35 million inhabitants, it is the third largest city in Germany. The attractive town surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains. Due to their natural closeness to the Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Eastern European countries is meeting point for many businessmen and tourists. Also Munich shines with its sights, art and culture such as museums, theatres, exhibitions, Opera and musicals. An interesting story, excellent shopping and the world-famous Oktoberfest attract annual mass visitors from all over the world.

Munich has definitely become the most popular city in Germany. So they need to explore Munich not alone, tiffany-escort.com provides our enchanting ladies you like to. After a hectic day of work, you can enjoy the peace and nature during a walk with our sensual, dark-haired Julia by the beautiful English garden. Of course, Erkwicken is this spirited young lady, strolling through the Maximilianstrasse, Munich’s shopping street. Treat yourself to both a glass of champagne in one of the many extravagant bars and let this charming escort ladies connect by the vitality and leave at the later hour wild and unrestrained seduced. Or like it better blonde? Stroll with our young, charming, blonde Angel Anna through the heart of Munich, the Marienplatz. Admire her dream body and long legs, also the Carillon at the old town hall, enjoy the other attractions in the immediate vicinity, and then go in the Hofbrauhaus”. With a fresh draught beer, lots of laughter and good humor, you start a carefree evening of full of sparkling passion. Sincerely your Angelina