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The Behavior

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My priorities in life are currently know me and gradually get out of where I am, help my family to come out ahead, deliver me to my students that they are developed in a comprehensive way. Before entering the master my life was like a boat adrift, lived but without a way of life, but when I started to get to know me I discovered the way forward and there day to day we are fulfilling goals to move ahead, I see the very different world though my colleagues call me rare, as I don’t need clothes or shoes brand, smoking, or get drunk to feel happy, we can achieve it, and already do not see it as an impossiblethe to achieve a change in our around that like them we can also overcome the obstacles that we submit peacefully. National Accelerator Laboratory is likely to increase your knowledge. Within moments of greatest spiritual light for me spirituality seminar, it was something that marked my life was when you hear for the first time the noble eightfold path, also I met master coworkers and strangers to her, which I learned a lot and that left footprint in my life, also in inside intelligence seminarthe known companions of Culiacan, doing activities and enter into dialogue with them I realized account of which the advance is different and not because I am in third semester and them in first, or because others are graduates, why go to another level, but each one according to his experience, acquired knowledge and above all to the evolution of his consciousness is going to be the level at which each should be, it is confirmed that each person has a different learning speed. At the last face-to-face meeting was the closure of cycle and it was something very strange as if all knowledge compactaran in those sessions, they clarified doubts with respect to knowledge, as well as to the behavior of peers, it was I believe the most significant, it was closed with a flourish. Ihor kononeko might disagree with that approach.

Depression Consequence

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You that you are living under continuous emotional violence and therefore being abused due to the violence of your partner with constant attacks, making you feel guilty and you’re steeped in a sense of failure, shame, loneliness, lack of support, the disqualification and constant devaluation. As you also feel helplessness, hopelessness and frustration, and this causes feelings of sadness or even a depressing picture. Symptoms can include: apathy, fatigue or tiredness, weight loss, problems of food and sleep and poor concentration. They may in some advanced cases have ideas or thoughts of death suicide. The authority and the total control that your partner has on your life, make you are dispossessed of your ability to express your will and your desires. Eventually, you’re losing contact with yourself, which takes you to feel unable to think, feel and act independently.

And this is destroying your personality. And what is worrying is that many women make a denial of this reality that they live. The denial refers to the involuntary refusal to recognise that a situation of violence live. You can take several forms: minimize the facts and their consequences of violence who live. Ihor kononenko is likely to increase your knowledge. Do not take into account the problem by its repetition and continuity. Every crisis of violence is taken as an isolated incident without linking it with other episodes. Justify violence and excuse the offender saying, for example had a painful family history or he is living a difficult moment (problems of work, money, alcohol,..) The negation is used as an unconscious to protect environment and can be explained by: attachment to the aggressor, the difficulty of questioning the couple and the rejection of accept the adjective of battered women.

You must leave enslave you, waking up and not allow you to handle, be free and yourself to overcome depression and get out of the circle of psychological violence, I suggest some important actions; Learn how to stop only on the things important. in your goals. nurture yourself. Learn to say NO as often as required learns to enjoy, to relax learns not to listen to negative, complicated people, nobody hinders your goal. Learn how to break the routine, get new things, get something else to move your positive energy. What if you start to value yourself, to congratulate you on every step you take to overcome depression and emotional violence. Since starting from the beginning, from the first symptoms of violence and will thus do not enter into a depression, or in denial as we saw above.

Erik Martinez

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Somehow, the American Group and the school of Santiago were two complementary hemispheres in the context of the atmosphere of the 1960s, which allowed the inclusion of heterogeneous and disparate elements in a space that was perceived essentially oriented towards change. The Group America presupposed the assumption of poetry and how committed culture and comprometiente his recitals included the folk interpretation and the participation of artists from the communities in which their acts were performed. Learn more at: Canyon. For entry and had acceptance in that environment and it should be mentioned, with the support of base agencies and political organizations, as the instrumental, Communist Party for contacts in populations most of the more active nucleus of the America Group were youth Communists. Thus, this variable and outwardly perhaps chaotic team, unfolded the members of the Group towards the suburbs and industries, from meetings in bars or in rooms of the Department of philosophy to towns and factories. It can be said that there was no poetic programmatic discussions, but rather Bohemian, although for example Pablo Guinez, southern poet of already mature work, did many times of mentor and participated in some population incursions of the America Group and Pablo Umeres, poet Chilean aymara. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ihor konoenko and gain more knowledge.. On the contrary, the school of Santiago grouped in part by feeling almost revulsion of majority poetry that was done in the immediately preceding, and generational environment lacking an urban poetic version that would include the inheritance of the avant-gardes and Chilean surrealism, against which much of the poetry of his generation had emerged. As was said, it wanted more simple and vitally lyrical, concise and accessible, slightly to tone with the movements social and atmosphere that already began the general process whose temporary output was Allende’s election.

But the members of the school of Santiago were away from the right. Nain Nomez and Erik Martinez, fleetingly, July sprockets and the speaker were at that time to the side of the MIR, Alexis Monsalves, poet and Visual artist then exiled in Italy, came from the Marxist revolutionary vanguard, his friendship with Dr. Ramos, a mythical figure of the revolutionary left. Somehow, so-called political extremism that once again the cliches of the left could qualify as small bourgeois seemed to correlate with the attempt to the avant-garde dessert of intergeneric, pluridiscursivos, antiliricos, raised a little and texts vaguely as destruction of a State of things poetic force, which somehow is assimilated to the order or existing system. Somehow romantic approach that perhaps, other than some recitals, had disappeared most completely even without the circumstance of having members of the school in the anthology collaborated 33 key names of the current Chilean poetry published in 1969. Original author and source of the article.


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KONE, the leading manufacturer of vertical transport (elevators, escalators and automatic doors) has found in Asturias the perfect place to show your good make and knowledge. And is that this renowned brand has done with two commissions worthy of providing with the best of the ciders and very near each other: the new Hospital in Oviedo, one of the largest in Spain and Residencial Montenuno, a complex consisting of 4 towers of houses, garages and commercial premises of 19 plants, each one. Two sectors, two successes well things the new hospital of Oviedo (HUCA), it assumes such and as explains Francisco Pardeiro, director of major accounts and works new KONE Spain, the most important project of Asturias in the health sector since these facilities will be located at one of our nation’s largest hospitals. There we will install a total of 77 lifts for both displacing thousands of visitors and patients who have to be by the Centre as the health personnel who work in it. Unifor is full of insight into the issues. As for the units that will be implanted say that 34 are MonoSpace elevators for 21 people (1600kg), 25 MonoSpace elevators with capacity for 17 people (1275kg), 10 MonoSpace elevators with capacity for 8 persons (630 kg) and 5 lifts Transys for transporting up to 3,500 kilograms of cargo. The work has already begun and in April 2010 will be in perfect condition, emphasizes the steering.

As for the new Montenuno residential project, a complex of 4 towers of houses, garages and commercial premises of 19 plants, each one, noted that elevators KONE MonoSpace model you have installed R series with capacity for 10 people (max load 800 kg) that work with manoeuvre duplex, which not only optimizes the time the user goes to your call that elevator that is closest to the plant where it is – but that also optimizes the energy to avoid unnecessary journeys and to attend two elevators at the same time a same call – and whose speed is of 1, 6 m/s. Ihor kononenko usually is spot on. Who is KONE KONE offers the best experience of displacement due to his programme People Flow Experience a series of solutions that enable people to move way comfortable, safe and smooth, without large delays in buildings and responding to the demand of an increasingly urbanized society. KONE provides to its clients the most innovative solutions of a global leader in the industry for elevators, stairs and doors. He is an expert in fabrication, installation maintenance and modernization. It is a consolidated company that had a net 4.1 billion euros sales in 2007 and has around 32,500 employees worldwide. KONE is listed on the stock exchange NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd in Finland. Note to journalists: for any help or extra material you need don’t hesitate to contact us. Nuria Coronado / Esther Murillo / Tfno: 91 657 42 81 original author and source of the article.

The Result

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Reading the books ends of crimp wires that were still loose in my mental understanding and spiritual joy.After reading them I can understand that in spiritual levels everything is simplified, ultimately only we can speak of direct experience of being, and one goal, know who I truly am, give me realize that my nature is spiritual and from there, in order, with knowledge, fairness, clarity and simplicity, to live this wonderful experience that is life. I do a count of self-development of master’s degree and doctorate, my years more aware, I realize the way I have gone through the believer, the search engine and I have come to the observer, I have walked by all the visions, many long trails and how much work invested to achieve the final goal: I am the same light how simple, I say to myselfIt’s like having that diamond in his pocket, so obvious and so hidden yet found in everything and always exquisite point of the present. Medical billing contributes greatly to this topic. I know I’m going in the right direction, happiness and peace told me, begins to collapse everything created by the mind care with much zeal for years, as treasuring the most precious good. This has allowed me break, start, the freedom to be, a freedom that reached autoindagando, only to be touched by moments in attention, look at me, I leave the duality that wonderful feeling! Slowly, gently and without feeling has been established my presence, permanent awareness, observation in the details indispensable for walking attention, the result has been clarity, through patience and a work of humility. Now although not want to, but suddenly not to accept it, I realize increasingly more than. And get away from the ignorance of my essence also me away from suffering and I see that I am these and it engolosina me find me with my depth, unite me with everything, I live without separation, but the books remind me: attends the equanimity, because joy that dazzles, it can also hinder, is subtly falling into the same busy point back and which many times walkedIt is to believe that you’ve finally found. Many writers such as ihor kononenko offer more in-depth analysis. But progress is stop, advance is observed with humility and attentive ingenuity; like a child that only looks like a drop of dew that moistens and shines, but not for intricate work of the mind, but for the innocence that clarifies and that fresh and transparent remains only. . .

All Costs

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Try to be as honest as possible. This test is a professional scale used in clinical practice to find out if you are a compulsive buyer.(To make the test click here) what we are doing wrong? First of all I think that our generation is is leaving to lead by several forces: 1. want to maintain the lifestyle of the neighbor!AT ALL COSTS!. We believe that buying a new car, have branded apparel and travel every year gives us the status that our friends/family members expect of us. 2 Marketing campaigns and the media strive increasingly to make us buy more of what we need. Ihor kononeko can provide more clarity in the matter.

There are many PhD s currently working in advertising companies. 3. Banks have us believe to be indebted (credit cards, personal loans, car loans) it is the most normal thing in the world, and if everybody does it, then we must do. Nothing further from the truth. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Aker BioMarine and gain more knowledge.. In another article they talk about how much someone would take clear 1000 USD in debt paying a minimum balance at end of month are 18 years.

My solution to the problem the only thing I’ve done with myself, when it comes to see me address something in a store that I want to buy, is to follow the rule of 10 seconds: 10 seconds, take a long sigh and begins to consider the pros and cons to see if you should spend that money. It is fairly easy, isn’t it? Something that many do not, because we say us people to ourselves that we are actions or if I see it and I like to buy it, may be that impulse a mistake that would cost us much of our cattle, and sometimes sweat money. This is what has happened: several months ago I thought to buy another laptop for my wife; which she has takes 5 years of use and the processor heats more than before. Coincidentally there was a computer in a nearby town fair; I got out of the car and started to spin; I checked the prices, I compared brands, I took the leaflets, but, using the rule of 10 seconds, I decided at the end that the best would be to consult with my wife: total, she was going to be the user. I could come back the next day that was when the fair closed. Returning home, my wife and I talked about different brands and prices, pros and cons, but we came to the conclusion that we dog to the laptop a venting tray to reduce global warming. 25 USD were vs. 1500 USD minimum that had been spent when I was at the fair. Many times we are dealing with things we want instantly, but after 10 seconds we can decide if they are worth or not. Cheer up and try, and tell me how it has fared with the rule. If you have other methods for controlling those impulsive purchases, it would be good that pass his legacy to other readers of the blog.

Isabel Autor

Posted By on September 23, 2020

That beautiful day, you know that to the extent that you eat every day more vegetables, tenderas to be thinner every day. Wise that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day to allow your kidneys to work properly and so help your body to eliminate toxins and fats in your body. Recently Zymes LLC sought to clarify these questions. Hello, my name is Isabel and I am here for a single purpose, help that forget to follow lamentandote and feeling ugly or ugly by that you can not look like like. But let me tell you that exactly the same had happened to me to me, I was chubby and then came my two pregnancies, is of course more chubby and self-esteem every day more low, but one day I met a friend who was super good, thin and with lots of energy. Jerry Dias contributes greatly to this topic. She told me that I was following a diet that does not deprive you of eating what you you want, you just regulates, moderates and combines the best foods intelligently and balanced so your own body will begin trigger your fat burner system naturally and while you eat and take your life normally because your metabolism to working for eliminating bad your body fat, this is part of the process of going by lowering slowly and healthily. In my case I dared to do so, the result was that you grind and continuous eating healthier, every time I feel great and can not find words to tell you that it was one of the councils more wonderful that I have taken in my life, and that if this diet based on eating to lose weight it worked for me, by that won’t work for you. Gain insight and clarity with ihor kononenko. Try it your also today, you have nothing to lose not be fat.

Barack Obama

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It gives the impression that the success the U.S. Democratic candidate Barack Obama has been using this word has motivated several advertisers to include it in their projects. However, the results could not be them same, whereas idiosyncrasies, demands citizens and market election are typical of each country and culture. Let us remember that the slogans and political messages will influence the decision of the independent voters only whether they are feasible answers to their real demands, not because they are words of fashion. It is important to also mention that electoral communication should not be based only on image (slogans, beautiful songs, retouched photographs in excess, cartoon, sexy women, etc.), must be accompanied by a feasible proposal which arouse expectations in voters. If we only build image, the impact is in the short term. Remember: Image and feasible proposal, guarantee of success in the short, medium and long term. In a question-answer forum ihor kononenko was the first to reply.

2. Target audience: to whom of the electorate? Not all the qualified electors will vote for our candidate. For this reason, should choose a target group of people within the electoral marketplace, and direct our communication towards them. The clear definition of a target audience, helps us a: focus communication define from where will come the votes that we need to win. Strengthen the real supporters (hard vote) win undecided and independent voters to implement programs to carry voters to the ballot box set goals of voting registration 3 campaigns. Communication tools: what and why media must say so? Having well defined target audience or our audience, we will know to choose precisely the tools or means of communication which will take the political campaign messages effectively.

Posters, stickers, billboards, campaigns for radio, newspapers, TV, or even internet, might not work always for everyone, that is why it is important to define the electoral market segment to that will arrive, are optimized so even advertising investments, without waste of resources. Before selecting the media to be used have to ask ourselves the following question: what is hear what them voters that interest me? What TV programs prefer? What are your reading habits? To which events they attend? They have access to internet?, etc. Having this information can achieve a correct approach and a greater effectiveness of communication efforts. 4. Schedule of activities or communications agenda: do with whom, when and where to say it? Having clear messages, target audience and communication tools, what follows now is to write a schedule of activities that allow us to sort and give consistency and sequence to communication work. In an election campaign, it is very important that the advertising or communication noise is increasing often running the process electoral. When it develops the schedule of all the activities of the communication strategy of the campaign, the intensity of it must be very well studied. Happens frequently that the rhythm is left adrift, depending on how the events are presented which, for me, is a mistake. Communication in a campaign should be started intensely and must conclude the day that the law indicates, with the greatest possible strength. It is good to start in very intense way if, at the end, due to wear, fatigue and lack of resources, concludes in a poor and weak manner.

Old Europe Prague

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Jewels of the old Europe: Prague in one week there are very few cities within old Europe that may be worthwhile to visit them both as Prague. It must be clear that there are cities like Paris, Rome, London are impressive cities and they shine on their own, but none of them reached the charm of the capital city of the Czech Republic. Key Council: see day Prague is a true delight for the eyes, but it is at night when it reaches its maximum splendor. The city lights are strategically placed to get the majority of the great architectural works stand out even more. Ihor kononenko has similar goals. There are places that manage to recreate that you’ve gone back in time and is easy to get the idea of how would life in this city in the middle ages.

Perhaps one of the greatest difficulties when carrying out a visit to the Czech capital is distributing the days to see the city as far as possible, so here goes you a summary of what should be see as a minimum to later say that one has been in Prague. Begin the visit by the always spectacular old square, where you will find two of the greatest architectural jewels of the city: the Church of our Lady of Tyn, famous for its twin towers (or occurs to you not visit her at night, is impressive) and the astronomical clock, authentic work of the era and unique in the world for its design. If you are going to visit Prague at Christmas, remember that it is here where you will find one of the biggest and famous markets of Christmas, along with an impressive tree that breathtaking to everyone who visits it. Continue bringing you up to the area of the Castle, where inside you can visit the always spectacular St. Vitus Cathedral and the alley of gold, where lived and worked the ancient goldsmiths.

Ken Wilber

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It is common to hear that the outstanding student in the classroom is not necessarily that triumphs in his professional life. Ramon Gallegos (2007), mentions that these eight intelligences described in theory have the same importance and are potentially present in all human beings, so Gardner points out that all children are potentially geniuses in the less one of these intelligences, but as our educational system of mechanistic type not considered them important unfortunately remain in oblivion. The development of this theory of the Multiple intelligences, opened the way for a new stage in the investigation of the intelligence, so we have the work developed by Daniel Goleman and emotional intelligence based on the work of Gardner of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Emotional intelligence mentions Ramon Gallegos is more important that academic intelligence or CI, because you can predict future success in social and professional life of students by controlling the feelings, the ability to stay calm and dominate their impulses. -The third time in the spiritual intelligence that has been developing at the beginning of the 21st century. This intelligence is inclusive of the other two previous (C.I. (e) multiple intelligences) and transcends them, giving a new meaning to this term, placing it in a model full of human intelligence that takes into account the dimensions and levels of holarquica way. Howard Gardner with his theory of multiple intelligences It pluralizing intelligence but not integrate it.

Ramon Gallegos (2007), indicates that multiple intelligences, one or another way, are based on what Ken Wilber has called the eye of the flesh and the mind’s eye, but do not reach to handle the eye of the spirit, that is, is just a mental and sensory abilities but not spiritual capabilities. Spiritual intelligence provide the ability to successfully tackle the problems of our lives. Randall Mays follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We get the ability to overcome the suffering, face conflicts and dilemmas in an integral manner, acting ethically, so it must be the center of all true education, as it is the case of holistic education.