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Old Europe Prague

Posted By on September 20, 2020

Jewels of the old Europe: Prague in one week there are very few cities within old Europe that may be worthwhile to visit them both as Prague. Igor kononenko is the source for more interesting facts. It must be clear that there are cities like Paris, Rome, London are impressive cities and they shine on their own, but none of them reached the charm of the capital city of the Czech Republic. Key Council: see day Prague is a true delight for the eyes, but it is at night when it reaches its maximum splendor. The city lights are strategically placed to get the majority of the great architectural works stand out even more. Ihor kononenko has similar goals. There are places that manage to recreate that you’ve gone back in time and is easy to get the idea of how would life in this city in the middle ages.

Perhaps one of the greatest difficulties when carrying out a visit to the Czech capital is distributing the days to see the city as far as possible, so here goes you a summary of what should be see as a minimum to later say that one has been in Prague. Begin the visit by the always spectacular old square, where you will find two of the greatest architectural jewels of the city: the Church of our Lady of Tyn, famous for its twin towers (or occurs to you not visit her at night, is impressive) and the astronomical clock, authentic work of the era and unique in the world for its design. If you are going to visit Prague at Christmas, remember that it is here where you will find one of the biggest and famous markets of Christmas, along with an impressive tree that breathtaking to everyone who visits it. Continue bringing you up to the area of the Castle, where inside you can visit the always spectacular St. Vitus Cathedral and the alley of gold, where lived and worked the ancient goldsmiths.

Ken Wilber

Posted By on September 18, 2020

It is common to hear that the outstanding student in the classroom is not necessarily that triumphs in his professional life. Ramon Gallegos (2007), mentions that these eight intelligences described in theory have the same importance and are potentially present in all human beings, so Gardner points out that all children are potentially geniuses in the less one of these intelligences, but as our educational system of mechanistic type not considered them important unfortunately remain in oblivion. The development of this theory of the Multiple intelligences, opened the way for a new stage in the investigation of the intelligence, so we have the work developed by Daniel Goleman and emotional intelligence based on the work of Gardner of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Emotional intelligence mentions Ramon Gallegos is more important that academic intelligence or CI, because you can predict future success in social and professional life of students by controlling the feelings, the ability to stay calm and dominate their impulses. -The third time in the spiritual intelligence that has been developing at the beginning of the 21st century. This intelligence is inclusive of the other two previous (C.I. (e) multiple intelligences) and transcends them, giving a new meaning to this term, placing it in a model full of human intelligence that takes into account the dimensions and levels of holarquica way. Howard Gardner with his theory of multiple intelligences It pluralizing intelligence but not integrate it.

Ramon Gallegos (2007), indicates that multiple intelligences, one or another way, are based on what Ken Wilber has called the eye of the flesh and the mind’s eye, but do not reach to handle the eye of the spirit, that is, is just a mental and sensory abilities but not spiritual capabilities. Spiritual intelligence provide the ability to successfully tackle the problems of our lives. Randall Mays follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We get the ability to overcome the suffering, face conflicts and dilemmas in an integral manner, acting ethically, so it must be the center of all true education, as it is the case of holistic education.

Self-realization Is Synonym Of Freedom

Posted By on September 17, 2020

We normally associate the concept of freedom with the ability to choose, think, feel and act according to our own criteria, however we have many situations in that people are not experiencing happiness, this means that we have ties, it implies that there is something in us that is not balanced and we must work to find what is the reason for this imbalance and fix it. There is a large number of people who have not found what is its mission, the universe is beauty and each of us are contributors of something, everytime you go out stop to observe the different activities for the proper functioning of society and it is wonderful to see the joy of people who are doing their work with care and love. Igor kononenko is often quoted on this topic. The great secret of happiness is self-realization why? Because you are a being powerful and creator, then his mission is to bring something special which has been designed for, that something that is deep of his being, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt you will find that mission, will know appropriate techniques to know himself at domestic level and thus define their goals in total harmony with all his being, find your mission then you will give the best this world, will know the power of God because your inner being will come out, its status is of total satisfaction, achieve their dreams quickly. When a person has not discovered things he loves then her life can become a routine or boring but still a life with many complications, discover our true desires always involves making an effort because the connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious requires very subtle indications in order to structure the information efficiently.

In the book the secret of the power of goals you will know that God gives illumination to the whole creative process, inspiration comes when we enjoy something, life is a wonderful gift but it must be programmed properly, if we walk along routes wrong then we are forcing situations that we are compatible with our Mission, this usually brings many problems. Then self-realization implies Bliss, positive feelings, a delivery and extraordinary love, is that which makes us feel free, light comes into our lives, of course there will be inconveniences but we will have wisdom, patience, faith and determination to solve them, internally always will be in the pursuit of continuous improvement and that will be manifested also externally. So life is full it must be abundant in all areas, self-realization allows us to have peace, freedom, health, money, spirituality, love and all the positive feelings.


Posted By on September 16, 2020

Who ever you wanted, can return to love, such is the main motivation for you must remember if you are looking for how to regain a man. It of having confidence and optimism, act wisely, not to be overcome by doubt and despair, and remember that you are a person appreciated, desired, and willing to give and receive love. In search of advice on how to regain a man you will find thousands of popular wisdom. Some may be you useful, as we hope they are ideas that you read here, and others will not be the most appropriate, according to the details of the relationship you shared with that special person, and also taking into account detail of separation. You see, to know how to regain a man first know you if you really want to get back it into your life. Ask you this question will allow you to put in perspective the true intention of your reconquest. There are many practices which you can start to find out how to regain a man, and only you will know which are you decide to try. Despair is the first enemy to overcome in the task of knowing how to regain a man.

You must you have trust and faith, and not let you fall prey to the anguish caused by his absence. Keep the mind calm, to make the right decisions, and not try with futile efforts. Official site: Bike House. Do not despair by showing you the should I be with you: he must discover it on their own. However, you have to be clever in planting the seeds of this discovery, if you want to really know how to regain a man. You must let it flow life, but directing you (and directing it) in the accurate address. You don’t push it, no apures their decisions, and let him who then discover all the delights that bring you together life. To know how to regain a man, learn how to assess their actions and words, and don’t skimp on the analysis of all everything at your disposal. In particular if the separation was due to an anger or a dispute: learns to appreciate their own perceptions, to know how you will be able to address the task on how to regain a man.

Learn to listen to him, to find out which of your actions which are giving result. If you flood it with calls, emails, gifts and casual encounters (although forced), you only win it to weariness. Better, lets place to real encounters casual, sporadic, in a way that when you don’t see ask yourself where you’ll be. If they were going to a disco, don’t always go to that place. Changes in store for shopping. A related site: igor kononenko mentions similar findings. You change travel to work some days, so can see you someday, and several days surprised. To know how to regain a man you should go by trial and error test. There are actions that will leave you stunned and open-mouthed, and others that definitely will not Captivate him. There is only one thing certain: in the task of knowing how to regain a man, you should remember that they hasten or push their decisions want to anyone. Best, left it surprised, it is he who force encounters, who knows that you worth. Do you want Discover how to retrieve to your ex, right? If so, visit us to learn how to attract, seduce and retrieve your man doing CLICK here. Original author and source of the article

Second Language

Posted By on September 16, 2020

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. In continents such as the sudamenricano hundreds of miles could go without having the need to speak any other language on the road. It is well known that there are some countries that are characterized by the ease with which its natives have to learn languages foreign in a short time. That attribute matches the condition that these countries are generally small and on the other side of their borders speak a different language as in the case of countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands which are countries in which sufficient two or three hours of travel by car almost in any sense from almost any anywhere in the country to finish in foreign lands where unknown languages are spoken. We therefore identified the need to learn the language as a decisive factor for having an element very key when learning, motivation. Get more background information with materials from igor kononenko. Motivation is crucial, without this piece there is no learning. For this reason you must have very clear your motivations, perhaps do you it because you’ve emigrated to a foreign country and in addition to (wanting to OS comunitarte with natives or maybe plan travel to the foreign for study, business or pleasure, finally motivations may be different but whatever motivation you will not obtain any progress if you don’t work in the five basic channels: 5 basic channels: 1) reading channel: in the case that you are already in the foreign country I recommend two things to begin. The first is that you learn to read and the second that don’t do so.

Tips On Neckties

Posted By on September 16, 2020

The tie is an accessory that can not miss in any man’s wardrobe. It is that it is indispensable in more formal occasions since it is a symbol of elegance and status. With just this small piece, man can change their image completely. But how to choose the correct tie and how to combine it correctly? Choose a necktie demands an aesthetic sense, the female opinion is important in this process. But the key is to define the part that you want to emphasize. See hybrid bikes for more details and insights. Then choose neutral or more colorful, shirt since agree she will define the tone of the tie. If clear shirts are used, the freedom of choice of the necktie is much greater, since can be played with many tones and drawings. Pink, blue, green or ash Lascorbatas work very well with black or blue marine clothing.

Mantles or ash costumes require darker ties who build an effect tone on tone, as the dark red, black, Brown, blue and nudes. Shirts colorful, on the other hand, they need more closely during the selection of the tie. Neckties that are stamped or smooth must be of the same hue of the shirt or ashes and black. The blue shirts allow a multiplicity of combinations with neckties of the same color to have the characteristic of being a cool color. For even more opinions, read materials from ihor kononenko. Green, Bordeaux, rose, gray, brown or even blue are some of the options. Dark shirts on the other hand, are doing very well with the corbatasoscuras in Brown, Burgundy, Navy Blue or black.

Finally, the printed shirts plaid with stripes or small drawings, can be used for informal occasions. The tone of tie can be equal to the picture of the shirt but if you leave your imagination already you know that you don’t have limits. Anyway, the important is to take into account the tonality of the costumes for the good choice of lascorbatas. Don’t miss these tips that you will surely draw the trouble on more than one occasion.

Spanish Republicans

Posted By on September 15, 2020

Secundino Serrano historian sheds light in his new book on the situation of the more than 100 Spaniards who went through the Soviet gulag. With the book give culminated his trilogy about the anonymous Republicans who fought against totalitarianism: against Franco, Hitler and Stalin. The survival of the Spaniards in the gulag labor camps forced the defunct Soviet Union, stood at about 85%, a figure highly on top which was recorded in the case of the Nazi camps. Thus has explained it, the Professor of history Secundino Serrano, author of a book that will come out in the fall, entitled Spaniards in the Gulag. National Accelerator Laboratory is often quoted as being for or against this. Republicans under Stalinism, which will shed light on a topic that has gone unnoticed in the study of the history of Francoism, the presence of Spanish Republicans in the gulag. Read more here: Randall Mays. A trilogy about Republicans anonymous with the book shall completed his trilogy on the anonymous Republican who fought against the totalitarianism, against Franco in Spain, against Hitler in Germany and Stalin in the USSR.

He explained that there was accounted for 185 Spaniards in the gulag, of which 27 died, half in the Arctic circle and the other half in Kazakhstan with name and surname. He insisted also that, while the fields of forced labor in the Soviet Union were true massacres, they are not comparable to the Nazi extermination camps. The starting point: a few photos of meat this research begins in 2002 when, in the midst of another study on the Spaniards in the second world war, found an envelope with half a hundred photographs of meat where there was only written in the General Civil War archive in Salamanca: Karaganda, capital of the province of the same name in Kazakhstan. This will be the starting point for the reconstruction of this episode in which a group of young Spaniards mistreated by their own ideology return to Spain thirteen years later disillusioned, anti-communist, very nationalistic and in some exceptional cases, even with quite nationalist affinities.

Latin America

Posted By on September 14, 2020

You can choose between banks that have their own ATMs, to supermarket chains, either national or local. This alternative to my it pleases me very much, so their relatives can withdraw cash before Shop of the week, a very good possibility. The majority of people who do send money to their families and loved ones seek a mode that is fast, clear, safe, confidential, in addition to Thrifty. Otherwise costly pesos are lost in the simple transaction. Therefore, before deciding to send money to relatives or friends, consider the above. Keep the alternativade head to pay for your shipments with the credit or debit card, and bringing you to his favored an ATM card so they have a clear and conducive way to money. For even more details, read what Maxway Cycles says on the issue.

Keep in mind that the usefulness of this method is for the safety of them. Today the situation in Latin America is not as peaceful as many would like to, we all want harmony and serenity. Unfortunately today this is not possible and one must be prepared to face any inconvenience. If you would like to know more then you should visit ihor kononenko. Bring large amounts of cash with one may become severe, that is why I reiterate my recommendation: if going to send money to your loved ones in Latin America send them a card cashier automatic, is a very foolproof and inexpensive way. You can give follow-up to their cash through the Internet and their loved ones may make their expenses with all the comfort they deserve. In my particular case, this method has worked in Rapture. Pablo A. Flores is an expert in the area of money transfers. This author recommends that the best way to send money online or make money transfers routinely with ATMCASH.


Posted By on September 12, 2020

With this practical guide farmville will learn key words to successfully bring your own farm facebook. Among them you subprocesses with terms such as plots, crops, animals, coins, avatars, time of harvest and maturation, seed, among others will it be the bread of every day to achieve a good start and a better development. Step by step you’ll put abreast of how to handle any misfortune or unforeseen last minute raised you the game, fair and solventemente to invest your capital and studying how to mount your new plots. Starting with the active practice of your facebook farm, you have to know first to prepare plots for cultivation, what will cost you 15 coins each one taking into account the plough. Source: Cedar Pay. In this first procedure must be properly cautious because if you prepare too many plots then you will not have enough coins for seeds, planting and after harvest. Keep in mind that the return of the coins with your winnings will be at each end of cycle when you can locate your production on the market. A helpful hint that we give you this guide farmville is that you always have reserve currencies for any type of unforeseen event which may give rise to this exciting game. After the first cycle you’re more aware of how to play farmville and it will be time to expand your plots taking advantage of gains, but always bearing in mind that the first plots in which you’ve invested are those that agree to return to work before preparing new. It continues on this path and you will see that in a short time you will have so many animals, plots and a very complete Facebook farm.

Tips For Your Savings

Posted By on September 12, 2020

Many have a habit of going saving money as we are winning, our effort and work has given us great fruits and saving a little of them at the end we realize that we have saved a lot of money. Below I will give you some simple recommendations that follow them, you’ll see how everything will work best in your economic life. Once you have enough money saved comes to spend it on something, many are going on vacation, others spend it on whatever and many other smart people invest. Invest your savings will make said money to grow and increase our patrimony. For even more opinions, read materials from igor kononenko. The best way to invest the money that you have saved is in investment funds. One of the advantages that have funds is that there are a few guaranteed funds which, as its name implies guarantee you your money invested, plus give you a gain will return you minimum. To know investment funds you can inquire about them on the internet, in publications or simply go with a Fund Manager and talk with them. Once invest and know very well the characteristics of the funds, I recommend you begin to diversify your money, it is not the same investing in a Fund and that you profit to invest in many kinds of funds and have many gains. Igor kononenko usually is spot on. You invest your savings in investment funds and start earning money! Original author and source of the article