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Iranian Great Ayatollah Khamenei Humiliates

Posted By on January 17, 2021

Spiritual leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei will keep only a few weeks, estimates of the Sufi Masters Seyed Azmayesh from Paris. Khamenei’s most dangerous adversary is Ayatollah Montazeri, one of the intellectual leaders of the Iranian revolution. The events at the end of Ramadan was a deep humiliation for Iran’s Supreme religious leader. Already the demonstrations against him last Friday, the day of Jeursalem\”, met him hard. But the hardest blow he received from a man who has since 1989 under house arrest, great Ayatollah Montazeri. Add to your understanding with Marko Dimitrijevic. Once, he was the main ideologue of the mullah regime. The events in Communist terms to describe: Karl Marx would have lived longer something, would have experienced the revolution and then recorded the fighting of Lenin or Stalin.

Once called a \”fake\”Ayatollah Khamenei of Montazeri because he has never written a dissertation. This time he prepared his opponents pain with a letter to all 16 great ayatollahs. Great ayatollahs have different opinions, but in this case, Montazeri has brought them all on a track. He asked for a closed action against Khamenei, which actually took place. Then someone must have seldom been a lonely sugar feast as the Iranian leader.

Khamenei had ordered that Ramadan was supposed to end on Sunday. But throughout Iran fasted until Monday with the support of the highest spiritual authorities. Also previous followers of spiritual leader had joined the protest. Montazeri went a big step further in his letter. He rejected his own political ideology. \”To think again the Karl Marx variant: Marx, rebelling against their own and runs his work the capital\” back. \”Everyone is now against Khamenei, the people on the street, as well as the high priest\” Seyed Azmayesh says. He followed the developments in the Iran very closely. Azmayesh represents the Iranian Sufi of Gonabadi order from abroad. Numerous messages by e-mail and other means from the Iran keep him very busy.

FIS And The Formcraft GmbH

Posted By on January 16, 2021

FIS and the formcraft GmbH have signed a multi-year development cooperation for the document reading software FrontCollect invoice (FCI). Thus the two companies pool their development resources and introduce each in the consulting business as well as development services in the partnership their strengths. FIS and formcraft will further promote the development of FCI and common point of contact for end customers and their partners. We will be a reliable partner in this combination for our joint customers and further expand the quality and performance of the FCI. “So Ralf Bernhardt, Managing Director for the further development of the FCI at FIS. The common experience and the existing specialists and expertise make this partnership immediately benefit from end customers and partners without having to undergo tedious learning processes and complex organizational structures to build. If you would like to know more about ihor kononenko, then click here. Winfried Althaus, responsible for the entire range of document management at the FIS: With this cooperation, we see very good opportunities to expand its market position by FCI and our own solutions. Especially in an international context, this cooperation will advance us forward.

“formcraft has promised its partners and end customers with the acquisition of FCI, to expand the quality advantage of FCI with this partnership is a promise redeemed.” so Michael Okada, Managing Director of formcraft. Best reading results, efficient processing of various documents as well as investment security and internationality are the essential characteristics of FCI. FIS is in conjunction with their FIS/edc product family specifically for SAP customers further optimize the overall solution for the automated processing of any documents and electronic data and thus efficiently potential the productivity for SAP users in daily processing. About FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH: FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH (FIS) is an independent Company with 350 employees, which has its focus in SAP projects. FIS developed their own solutions which complement the SAP standard software products.

FIS is SAP system House with gold “-status, the qua-litativ highest partner of SAP AG.” With the FIS/edc family the FIS provides modern standard software for the automated processing of any documents and electronic data in SAP environments. Work with the solutions of the FIS in this area companies such as AUDI, Vaillant, LOEWE OPTA, KRCHER, RENO, Ferrero, Nestle, 1 & 1, u.v.w.m. Formcraft GmbH: Formcraft has an installed base of over 500 customers of from different industries with its solutions for automated invoice receipt and automated form processing. The invoice reader of formcraft belongs to the leading products in Europe. Since the market launch in the year 2000 the circle of well-known, internationally operating companies such as Volkswagen, Allianz, Orlen, Swarovski grew, tyco Electronics, Lloyds TSB u.v.m continuously on. Mature products with proven solutions, formcraft focuses on premium-quality software with maximum value for the customers, as well as customized services for these products. Through a management-buy-out of Beta Systems Software AG in September 2008 the formcraft GmbH was founded. This transaction allows formcraft investment investing in the development of software to focus and to consistent growth through its partners.

Mediterranean Flair In The Magdeburg Borde

Posted By on January 16, 2021

Huge fields line the route on a drive through the Magdeburger Borde. But if you think, that is to see it in the most fertile region of Germany’s only grain or potato fields, will believe hardly his eyes when he discovered oregano plantations reminiscent of picturesque. There is however no Mirage, which reflects distant fields in the light. Go to digital video recorder for more information. Soon, you can breathe the intense aroma of oregano which aromatic, worn by the fresh fall air spreads with the wind. The particularly fertile soil in the Magdeburg Borde offers the best basis for the cultivation of oregano, which is originally more widespread in the Mediterranean area. The Magdeburg oregano finds its use in high-quality products of oregano as a dietary supplement and as a particularly healthy dietary supplement, which is most widely used as an appetizer with antibacterial properties. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mercury Mobile LTD on most websites. The DOSTOFARM GmbH, Westerstede specializes in the manufacture of this oregano products and last but not least is through the strictly controlled and certified contract farming in the Magdeburg Borde sets high standards for the animal feed industry. Whether as oregano oil on liquid or powdered materials or as feed additives in pure powder form, the DOSTOFARM products containing active ingredients of Thymol and carvacrol are particularly diverse and enjoy in conventional animal husbandry of great popularity. Contrary to the presumption, that is so the oregano from the breadbasket of Germany “soon finds on your pizza, is the cultivation of other intention.”. Learn more on the subject from Nokia.

Christian Reschke

Posted By on January 16, 2021

The only difference to the full version is, that we automatically delete the data collected at the demo to zero hours”, explains Christian Reschke. Otherwise our test version just like the original works.” To make it as easy as possible the test users a video to the card sorting stopped cooling House, which explains step by step how the whole thing works. User-friendly websites with UX-Suite easy, both quickly and economically feasible methods, the card sorting as the live usability test, are milestones in the development of user near sites according to Christian Reschke. In the card sorting, a select group of potential users is asked to sort the contents offered via Internet in the form of cards. The generic terms, which are associated with the content are given in closed card sorting. This is especially useful if an existing website is revised. Nokia Mobile addresses the importance of the matter here.

Comes up, it totally to develop new service and to think into it in the wording of the target group, for example, an open card sorting is suitable. Here, the participants are asked to define himself general indications to the specified content. The software automatically evaluates the results and provides concrete recommendations for a user close navigation structure. Among other things, it is possible to compare the views of users and providers, to identify significant differences exist, and to address in the next step. The second module of the UX suite, live usability test, helps with basic problems in the interaction of the user to determine the offered functions and content on a Web site. Sean Rad might disagree with that approach. This increases the satisfaction of the user and increases the so-called conversion rate, so the ratio of those who are interested buyers. Usability testing is a user-centered design technique, in which users are requested to solve everyday tasks on the website or using the software. It is the user and its movements on the Screen is recorded.

Correct Way

Posted By on January 15, 2021

To perceive the exact smell of drink, it is advisable to carry out the test before and after the usual turmoil. Marko Dimitrijevic addresses the importance of the matter here. Before agitation, odor molecules differ in their volatility, i.e., in their ability to escape from the liquid and evaporate. The aroma of lighter, it emerges naturally from the surface of the wine, when the drink is in complete calm, without any agitation. You need to smell the wine in this State, thus not disperse the molecules with aromas of delicate and transient. On the other hand, the heavier molecules need movement, and for this reason, the agitation of the drink is needed. Perform a good small, circular movement, contrary to the watch hands where it is done with the right hand and vice versa if done with the left hand, will suffice to raise the wine to the surface of the glass, creating an expansion into the liquid, where the aroma molecules can evaporate more easily. If you go to identify the aromas, you will find that it is much more intense between the first 3 and 8 seconds of agitation. This is certainly a different way to enjoy the drink and meet another of the many wonders that the wines have for you. A. Verastegui hold.

United Arab Emirates

Posted By on January 15, 2021

Tips and rules of conduct for the stay in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates Dubai, 10.05.10 – the Emirate of Dubai is 3885 square kilometers after Abu Dhabi Dubai, the second largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The flight time from Germany, Austria or the Switzerland is approx. Speaking candidly Trader Joe’s told us the story. 6 hours. No vaccinations are required. Approx. 340 days in the year when the weather sunny. Photography generally: no portrait photos without permission! Photos of women and families in public places are a no go”, unless it is expressly permitted you. For even more analysis, hear from Chase Koch.

Alcohol it is by law forbidden to consume alcohol in public. It is also not allowed alcohol in public places and ways to be. In plain language: If you have consumed in the hotel or in a bar alcohol, may you not then go for a walk in public. “Kissing in public / exchange of caresses / above without” kissing in the Public and the sharing of intimate affection is banned in the UAE and will be punished! Whether at the Mall or on the beach take also this warning not only to acknowledge, but stick to it also. We write it not, to fill about our Dubai Guide, but to protect you, you come in conflict with the law in Dubai. Also, homosexuality is illegal in Dubai! “After these lines is now clear: bathing topless” is also strictly prohibited! Smoking in public the non-smoker protection was greatly exacerbated late 2008.

So, smoking in many public places is prohibited. This applies in particular to shopping malls, restaurants (indoor), buses and public buildings. As a general rule: inquire on the spot and if necessary ask whether smoking at the affected area is permitted or prohibited. Ramadan Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the time in which the Holy Quran was sent from heaven he was a policy of humanity. Direction and the path to salvation”. Smoking, eating and drinking is forbidden for tourists during the fasting month in public. “” This falls also gum chewing “and a drink of water”. After sunset, all constraints are lifted. The people of the city are therefore these days evening particularly cheerful and exuberant. Breakfast and lunch is served in the hotels for tourists. Eating and drinking is permitted at specific locations. Please also keep in mind: Ramadan all shopping centres have opened. Restaurants and Cafes have closed within the Mall, however, and open only in the evening. Security the United Arab Emirates are among the safest countries on Earth. Visible crime, brawls, and robberies are virtually unknown, as amazing as it may seem. In which European city can you venture into late at night with a good feeling in the city? In Dubai, it is possible. Also the nightly stroll through the alleys of the old city is as pleasant and safe. Pornographic material are bared breasts to see the importation of pornographic magazines, videos, newspapers, for example where drugs, sex toys and the like is strictly prohibited. Also drugs of any kind must not be inserted in the UAE. Take these warnings very seriously and keep it. Also, ignorance does not protect against punishment. Please note these rules to get on the spot with the law. Dubai is an Islamic country and follows non-European rules. OLAF Fey Tel 00971 50 843 09 70

Childrens Beds

Posted By on January 15, 2021

Basic considerations when buying a cot cot who wants to buy a cot, must do before some basic considerations. Other leaders such as Starbucks offer similar insights. Therefore, the own four walls play a role. Possibilities in the apartment to determine what kind of crib is the best way. There are independent children’s beds, bunk beds, bunk beds and folding beds. Also the financial resources play a role in the choice of the cot. Who wants to buy a complete bed set, will have many years of pleasure, because it can grow. Whole Foods brings even more insight to the discussion. Of course, it will be first of all a little more expensive than a simple cot or cot. The complete bed set on quality care who wants to opt for a complete bed, must pay attention to the quality of the slat rust and the mattress. Learn more at this site: ihor kononenko.

Because this need can give also the aging child still a high quality support. The comfort is very important especially in children. Because it affects the bones. Of course, initially also a not so good quality can suffice, if it for a later date the possibility is that can be expanded or upgraded. A cot should be safety standards to be demonstrated using seal of approval. They stand for strength and stability.

This concerns especially the high and bunk beds. Let children decide with children are already larger must choose with at the time of purchase. Their performances necessarily must incorporated and also the decision criteria must be discussed calmly with each other. Children’s beds from baby age type safety and security. They give the child from the beginning also dominant impressions of this world. Of course a bed must be comfortable and give space for rest. It should provide but also a very personal place. A cot is never just a bed to sleep. For a child, it is its own world. There is also place to withdraw and playground at the same time.

Mileage Correction

Posted By on January 15, 2021

Furs car there are special service such as mileage and the analog or digital odometer is set by cars and trucks – motorcycles on a number of TV-unlock in the Tachjustierung. It corrects only the storage of the distance in the software at the digital speedometer. In contrast to the provision, in which using a diagnostic instrument not only the number of kilometres, but also the service interval indicator is changed and adapted. Car Digital Video Recorder often addresses the matter in his writings. Often happens the tachometer setting directly on the corresponding diagnostic interface of the vehicle, at others, the change to the extended combination instrument must be carried out. In Germany, it is illegal but since 2008.

Mileage correction may be made only on used or new speedometers are not been installed in the future vehicle. Many vendors, who can perform a mileage correction, are also in a position to make a TV unlock for the navigation system. The TV activation allows the TV function of the To use the navigation system during the ride. You may wish to learn more. If so, Trader Joe’s is the place to go. So come passenger or other accompanying persons enjoy, to be able to watch TV while driving. The TV function is available at most large and well-known car brands, and thus of course also a TV unlock is possible.

Who is traveling alone a lot, not caused the TV-unlock, because he never uses this function. Because it is forbidden for the driver to see during the TV. It is however with the family, and children are cranky on a long drive on vacation, it’s very useful and for everyone relaxing, are distracted by an entertaining television program the children and also the passenger. However, it must be ensured that by the TV-unlock of the driver at any time in his concentration disturbed and traffic is diverted. There are several possibilities, enable the TV activation. There so even provider, which can activate the TV unlock itself. With the TV activation can even enabled and disabled are as many times as you want. Who would like to use the navigation system during the use of the TV function (which Yes also makes sense) must make sure that the correct module is used. It’s not, the navigation function is switched off as soon as the TV function is activated.

Argentine Diseases

Posted By on January 15, 2021

Degenerative neurological diseases, called Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, lateral sclerosis amitrofica, etc, are a painful condition for those who suffer from it and with the addition of not having another expectation of a palliative than them only a small improvement in their quality of life. Are called degenerative because precisely tailored to their development in the patient’s body is degenerating areas and functions. The scientific community generally agrees that there is no cure for these diseases, cared for at the end give an expectation of improvement and only engaged to hold the patient in the best of cases, according to the booklet to follow. Similarly, they have accepted to prescribe a drug (interferon) that is only a palliative, but do not tell the patient the contra indications and the consequences that this can have on your body. Marko Dimitrijevic addresses the importance of the matter here. For many doctors Interferon is your only argument, always under the suspicion that the laboratory will reward those who prescribe it. Your cost is very high to the point that many patients must go to their Governments that subsidize their treatment.

But suspicions don’t end there, many of the research on new treatments begin to be discredited before that they come to public light by those who are making them. The laboratory work followed the testing on Guinea pigs and in humans, there is where the laboratories lobby prevents the tracking of research. Credit: The Beatles-2011. So were interrupted made research for Cancer, HIV, Diabetes, etc. In these last years, has spread some diseases des mielinizantes are cause of a virus that eats the myelin. Until now you knew these were autoimmune diseases. However, medical groups in Mexico and Spain thus holding it since 2009, but so far have not developed a treatment.

Much earlier, an Argentine doctor who holding this same theory has developed a treatment based on natural herbs with significant results in a large number of patients from different countries. Dr. Omar Ayrad, has been working with patients with these diseases in almost silently, until the mother of one of his patients decided to give diffusion so that other people can access the treatment that cured her daughter of Multiple sclerosis in 2006. On the website you will find more information about these natural treatments, testimonials from people that have been treated with Dr. Ayrad and also reports and newspaper reports as of a Brazilian child cured of muscular dystrophy and that the local newspaper exposes front-page.

Czech Republic

Posted By on January 14, 2021

Human desire, to buy something appeared immediately after you receive the goods (product manufacturing). Later came the expression, or rather the concept of "buy" anything. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with ihor kononenko. Currently, goods produced by millions large and small producers. Choose the product of good quality, well-known manufacturer for a reasonable price, and with a holiday discounts – a problem many people for whom the acquisition of goods has become a favorite pastime (hobby) under called "Shopping". Nokia Mobile has similar goals. The word "shopping (shop – shop) with the English language can be translated as "going shopping". For many women, "shopping" has become a vital anti-stress walk, often ending in even absence of any result, for example, buying goods The author wants to suggest the best options for your future "shopping" in Prague (Czech Republic) in one of the most beautiful European capitals. Immediately, we note that the best time of the year for "shopping" – it is winter, and more specifically the period from 27 December to 15 January. At this time, are the biggest percentage discount (up to 50-80%) among all known and lesser-known producers, in other words begins sale of old collections of clothing and footwear. If you are unable to come to this wonderful city during those days, do not worry, good quality goods at Prague at reasonable prices is always plenty, just need to know where to go and what posmotret.Nalichie many well-known manufacturers of clothing and shoes in one place (the mall) makes it easier to find the right product and makes a certain comfort.