The Babies

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The function of the attachment, of the point of view of the baby, is to guarantee psychological security, as Newcombe teaches (1999). The signals of the existence of attachment between a baby and the person who takes care of of it are evidentes in three phenomena. First, the attachment figure is capable of what any another person to aplacar and to satisfy the babies. In according to place, he is most likely that the babies if approach to the figures of attachment of what of other people for tricks or consolation. For assistance, try visiting Peet’s Coffee. Finally, the probability of that the babies are with fear is lesser in the presence of attachment figures of what when these people are absent. comments that the objective of the attachment behavior is to reduce ackward feelings through the interaction with the attachment figure.

This interaction assists the baby to create a mental project, that is, to create an idea of care, zeal and attention, being made with that this if feels more safe and knows that its bigger focus? its mother or cuidadores – it will be, potentially, available exactly when it or they will not be present in fact. Different studied authors (BOWLBY, 1989, NEWCOMBE, 1999, MAHLER, 1982) describe three main standards of attachment: children whose attachment is safe where look the mother or the cuidadores when one of them returns after one brief separation. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peet’s Coffee. She has unsafe attachment and evitativo you become childish when them they ignore the mother or its cuidadores when they return. The attachment is unsafe and resistant when the children alternate the will of if approaching with rejection the person whom she loves. One room standard, called disorganized, was delineated more recently (NEWCOMBE, 1999). Ainsworth (1978) discovered despite practically all the normal babies develop special forms of attachment with the people who take care of of them and that some babies are much more safe in these bows of attachment that others.

Reality Negation

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From then on, we find some points where we can find the theory of Freud on defense mechanisms. The here described defenses they are forms that psique has of if protecting of the internal and external tension. The defenses prevent the reality (repression), exclude the reality (negation, redefine the reality (rationalization) or invert it (reactive formation). They place internal feelings in the external world (projection), divide the reality (isolation) or of it they escape (regression). (FADIMAN, J; FRAGER, R) the couple starts to dialogue on the night that had passed together and this was a strong point, therefore, had negation of the part of the William doctor, when to its it asked it woman if it paquerou some of the women who it had talked. It answered that not, being certainly clear a man to paquerar two pretty young women as he was shown in the film. It is not of as much certainty this mechanism of defense, therefore, this art we will discover to little, that it is the art to know if it is a negation or if is only one mere lie.

In this hot colloquy, he asked it to the woman why it would not go pra bed with another woman. It used of the called mechanism of defense rationalization, that is a process to find acceptable reasons for unacceptable thoughts and actions. William had projected (projection) in its woman an image of perfect woman: good wife, good mother, that is, qualities, feelings and intentions that if they originated from he himself. Alice in the same night, in the same colloquy confessed, it to have sensible attraction for another man, and that at the same time where thought about running away with it and releasing it and the son, it also thought if it would leave alone. At this moment we can see the beginning of the Pleasure, given for the unconscious one where not, it does not exist and the beginning of the Reality, given for daily pay-conscientious and the conscientious one where the morality is present.

Individual Motivations

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Imperialism and its allies are structural. the oligarchy, the big banks, the mass media related to power Overall, employers and devoid of autonomous projects with roots in the homeland and the most reactionary sectors of the Catholic Church. Music downloads: the source for more info. Indeed, either operations with maneuvers, pushing neo-liberal continental meetings or the thousand ways in which they operate, as the sun, is always operative and its imperial allies are merely internal amplified. But the truth is that in this article we will focus centrally discourse, case by case, the worst eyesores that the opposition has left us: of course the first place certainly belongs to a paid inevitable and infallible. This is Elisa Carrio too does not matter if the maximum cultivator of more wild gorillas (in this field, has too many competitors), or vomiting coated lie republished or delusional hype turned into practice. You can not go unmentioned that stands, without doubt, the very excessive of a speech outlined by someone with a psychiatric illness (as told to timely legend Alfonsin posterity) or the effects caused by excessive intake of alcoholic substances. Being a person who acts as a political leader, the (hidden) individual motivations fail in importance with the public consequences of their actions.

And certainly Elisa Carrio has no motivation to depose the legitimate and constitutionally elected president and operate to block the national project led by the tandem Cristina-Nestor. Debbie Staggs often addresses the matter in his writings. From braying conjecture that Kirchner wants melt into the countryside to buy the former president farms very cheap (as if history and sociology do not teach that exists in every society economic power beyond the political); to call several times to testify without more to the President, through blatantly lying by saying that the outcome of the presidential election of 2007 (46% to 23) was the effect of fraud, but without ever presenting any evidence to substantiate such as bizarre and reckless. In fact, their only purposes are depose to a block of forces not only made the best of its program as a progressive, if not retaining the majority force provided for consequence to stay the course, despite the mass media continues to rant. The (recent)delirium maximum pearls have been pretending to ask for money to the IMF so that the oligarchy does not pay taxes, why the military said the fund manager is no longer the same. Interesting would be to address the emerging Europe (cast by applying the IMF’s prescription) to tell them that the economic organism transformed his biased and wildly unpopular direction. Anyway it is clear his unconditional alignment with the enemies of the people, as attested to their positions with respect to media law and with respect to the nationalization ordered by the (sovereign) state of Venezuela. All objective and subjective match with U.S. interests is not accidental, but deliberate. The dreams of the presidency access Carrio have the same support their claims about history or politics.


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I think that a fairly high level of competition, one of the reasons zamentno high prices in burzhenete. Speaking candidly Peet’s Coffee told us the story. The next version – at some point Google found my blog is not good enough, to Hide it good fatty ads. Read more here: music downloads. Those who are interested in Adsense, long quadrupeds that the system itself often determines what will be the cost per 1000 impressions on a particular blog, with this I also agree, but in my case, it dubious version. I think that the increase in clickthrough page says that the ads are relevant enough for visitors to the site, which indirectly indicates the quality. There is another aspect. When Adsense is hanging on several projects from the same account, the income may drown one of the unsuccessful projects.

But, I have this account, only 3 sites – the blog, and 2 burzheorientirovannyh pilot project, which shows more predictable and stable income. In general, these chips and the pitfalls, you can bring a lot of that says that to earn Adsense is quite difficult. By the way, my story continued that the 2 last month, rating eCPM again became a decent rise, and segodnyashy day, approached $ 3 per 1000 impressions, although I have not changed anything at all. Conclusion: Most likely it is that very few people in RuNet can effectively earn Adsense, including, and I am no exception. Adsense for Burzheneta effective because the cost per click for all I know of niches is significantly higher. Despite everything, Adsense, in my opinion, all the same best context-affiliate of the common in RuNet. Beginner blogger or webmaster may not be worth initially communicate with contextual advertising.

The first month, God forbid, the earnings will be $ 1-2, in the next, maybe 3-4, after six months could be off at the $ 10-20 a month. Of course, you can earn more, but the first six months, in my experience very few people earn a total of more than $ 20-50, unless of course, the project is not fully sharpened by kontekstku. And does it make sense to hang Adsense in the first months of life of the project? To earn a $ 2? Kontekstka, as correctly noted Zhukovsky, less effective on the blogs, because a large percentage of visitors your blog – it was his backbone, fixed readers, who paid little attention to contextual advertising. On Adsense can earn good money. Arithmetic is simple, to realize not everyone is given. Abstaktny simple example – the attendance of your project 1000 people per day, each viewing an average of 2 pages, ie 2,000 average daily hits. eCPM $ 3, that is, theoretically, your earnings may be $ 6 per day and $ 180 per month. With several normal projects, you can earn in total fine. Of course, $ 180 per month, or even 180 * 3 (if the projects 3) = $ 540. Not God knows what money, but Adsense is not asking to eat. Then, do not forget – an example, it is absolutely abstract – ‘from the bulldozer. ” If you remember, paragraph 1, and even have quite a serious traffic can have a dime. Example, I just wanted to illustrate that in order to earn at least a couple of hundred a month with a single project, it must be bad developed. That’s all I wanted to say today, I would appreciate if podelitel your experience with contextual advertising, even if it’s not Adsense, but some different system. Another read: Why do blogs die?

Modular Building

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Advantages of modular buildings and builders, and customers have long appreciated. Now it is one of the most popular construction projects. Mainly bribes to quickly mount their portability and relatively low prices. Modular buildings (and also referred to as building cabins, prefabricated buildings, block-containers) are composed of block-modules – construction of metal frame and frame elements having a closed inner the space of a small area, suitable for use in household and industrial purposes. Step 1. For what purpose. Thanks to the universal power modules (they can be used in virtually all climatic conditions, with temperatures ranging from -45 to +50 C, to be equipped with all necessary engineering services and to have any exterior and interior), modular buildings have proliferated in all spheres of development. They can earmarked for housing, public buildings and industrial projects.

Prefabricated buildings are used today as a cafe, retail pavilions, mini-workshops, entertainment centers, bath and dacha in suburban sites , prorabskie and office cabins. Step 2. Shapes and sizes. Credit: Peet’s Coffee-2011. Standard metal block-container has a length of 6 meters, width – 2,5 meters, height – 2,5 meters. However, often the customer wants to get the individual version modular building. In this case, you can make a modular building with irregular geometry, based on customer needs.

Individual could also be solved exterior trim. Step 3. What's inside. Interior finish prefabricated buildings can be either, depending on the purpose of building and the customer's wishes. For example, as a floor covering used board, linoleum, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, ceilings can be suspension, rack or overhead, and the walls are sheathed paneling, mdf panels, strips of pvc, drywall, wallpaper. Block-containers are equipped with all necessary plumbing and electrician.

Housing Under Construction

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Has the return of barter schemes affected construction companies? Offering flat as the calculation of contractors, the cost of the developer does not lose. However, the transition to natural relations decision, rather temporary than permanent, because, in the final After all, it makes its own sales. Discounts on apartments provided today by contractors, lead to the destruction of the mechanism of return of investment in housing under construction. “The sooner invest – the more get – This stable system failed. We are accustomed to the fact that any investment in real estate has always been profitable. For investors between buying at the stage of excavation and sale of the finished object loomed significant delta.

Ros secondary market rose in price and market buildings. Formed a kind of stereotypes that the fall it is impossible a priori, that prices should rise. So today, even in difficult financial circumstances, construction companies can not afford to openly pursue dumping policy, veiling price reduction under the various stock, discounts and bonuses. Developers in this matter is very large fashion component. Therefore, of course, the conditions of competition with the proposals of contractors unequal. Construction companies are willing to wait out unfavorable days, carrying out systematic sale of remaining in the presence of prefabricated houses and objects in final stages of construction. Build the same with a minimum share of risky returns: unforeseen expenses that are impossible to calculate the initial stage of the project (the cost of communications, social issues, the conditions supervisory authorities) reduce to zero the already low profitability, ultimately dooming the enterprise to the loss. In listing publications large scatter of proposals for similar facilities.

Price often differs significantly. As define the boundary between the “interesting proposal” and “protracted”? Risks of investing in housing under construction were always present. With the adoption of FL-214 have been some improvements, but no longer apply alternative ways of raising funds: preliminary agreements, promissory notes and loan schemes. Increased risk to acquire a frozen construction site. Today it is not filled with the same barter obligations could result in serious trouble for the investor. Yet it is worth investing today or wait? What is your forecast? Clearly that for today, while favorable to the investor, the situation followed by a shortage of new housing in the future. Enter into operation by 2010 there will be nothing. Builders to temporarily postpone the construction of new facilities.


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a And are shaped then the ways and means together, to bind, in the case and join in all directions from a talk to a sexual relationship. a There are countless romantic relationships, there are several studies on the relationship, which has been some common shapes, such as: relations of dependence: Both members a A couple are to support, is a complement, to generate projects together, the problem a when this lies is a dependence becomes limiting to design individual actions, because everything is in relation to the couple. When one partner changes, grows, or want to move the other breaks down, loses confidence, becomes suspicious and obviously the relationship is tense, and filled with conflict a suffocating Relations: In this type a linking both to the members a A couple amoreterno and vow to make promises to stay together until the rest of his days, like most good, a un type adolescent relationship. The phrases a that are identified are: I can not live without you! You always make you happy. Official site: music downloads. The found near a splendid experience in general is a stage, gradually a lovers are giving their a spaces and to each one to go to a your individuality. When the relationship is stifling both partners feel they can breathe, and their experience is of being trapped.

Besides that there are usually recurrent threats to himself let me kill myself! Abuse of course not left waiting. Relations a Admiration or Pedestal. Refers to links in which one partner is placed in a position of admiration, adulation, of adoracion.a loved Everything that makes is very well admired, he was not contradicted, is a small tyrant who manages the relationship at will.

Farm Home

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to present and discuss among our friends and family. We are thinking about a green hut with the help and cooperation of several people. Source: Randall Mays. In our family there are young people who are studying architecture, civil engineering, animal husbandry and industrial design. These young people are promoted to a project to build the hut with the help of village elders, as they guide them on the old techniques to make adobe blocks with residual mud and straw harvests, and the use of wood old trees that naturally discarded. They are planning a water recycling system, for use as possible, and the construction of a greenhouse hydroponic water conservation and care of the air and land. Very particular in my family we agreed that each member we can take care of making a beneficial impact action. My oldest son chose to be on the lookout for caring for electrical power, making us notice when we stopped a bulb or electrical power, to sound domestic tarpaulins, etc.

My daughter chose to conserve water, to bathe, to do the house cleaning, using the washing machine, brushing teeth, etc.. My son the least, chose to watch for not generate garbage and separate organic and inorganic waste. I was very happy as he thought even further to make that separation. He asked me to take her recyclables to central collection of the Farm Home, since in this space make the collection to sell such materials and loan resources. All these actions were of great education for all.


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This is the time when it is better to rely on already achieved, to improve begun earlier. From 09/04/2011 to phase in its retrograde motion enters Pluto, ending his year, 09/16/2011. Pluto's retrograde phase lasts from 4 to 5 months of the year. In greater its impact will be felt for those of us who were born during the period of retrograde motion. Being associated with deep introspection and transformation in consciousness, Pluto once again invite us to apply to the depths of his own world, heal the psychological trauma to be reborn to new life, like his symbolic way – rising from the ashes of Phoenix. Neptune will start its retrograde phase from 06.03.2011, which will last until 09.11.2011. As retro-Pluto, Neptune is retrograde from 4 to 5 months of the year, and his influence will be felt most, those of us in whose horoscopes he remains an icon of retro. But even the most subtle and intuitive feeling of us will benefit from his influence, that now, immersed in the magical world of images, dreams, and dreams, inspire some long-held dream, realize it is incomprehensible, magical way.

29 .08.2011 begins its retrograde motion of Jupiter, changing it to direct 26. 12.2011 – on the eve coming in 2012. Influence of retrograde Jupiter brings inhibition in any activities related to career, social status, especially in legal matters and issues in one way or another connected with the activities of foreign firms, import, export. Hopeless long journey, issues relating to higher education, publishing to create something new in this period is not recommended. Better rethink its current operations, to sum up the past. November 24 – December 14 – the period of coincidence of retrograde phases of Jupiter and Mercury – promises to affect particularly the problem – both in terms of lack of opportunities for social implementation, and in terms of ongoing projects, promotion of which will again be postponed or suspended, and who again have to be revised to make the necessary adjustments. For those who want to co-ordinate their efforts with celestial rhythms – Consulting professional astrologer


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What are the options of obtaining loan funds are available today, "small" and "average" companies: – Loans for current operations – investment loans – commercial mortgage – special forms of credit (leasing, factoring, letters of credit). Investment credits taken for new projects, with the aim of substantially capacity expansion or development of a new direction of the company. Current yield of the enterprise is not significant, but the investment project owner must invest at least 30% equity. Investment loans provided by banks for up to 10 years and that is particularly attractive to them may be granted a deferral of principal repayment. Loans to the current activities are taken to replenish the working capital or purchase of movable property (machinery and equipment).

Loans for current operations are provided in the traditional way: a line of credit or overdraft on current account. The maximum term of such loans is limited to three years. Entrepreneurs seeking to banks for such loans, it should be noted that the monthly loan payment should be be no more than half of the company's net profit. As security for the current loans may make a pledge and guarantee of third parties (both physical and legal). The pledge can be submitted: – movable and Real estate companies – goods in circulation and securities. -partner/10031641.fullarticle’>Robert Speyer on most websites. In addition, as collateral may be a property of other businesses and individuals. The main problem of collateral at the moment is that it assessment of the bank. For most banks the coefficient estimates range from 0,4 to 0,8.