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Posted By on November 4, 2021

Currently, the market information booth and advertising equipment primarily focused on products of Russian manufacturers. This is not surprising, because the price of stands and other equipment of domestic production is 2-4 times lower, and in quality, design, ergonomics, product of Russian firms, not only are not inferior, and often exceed the foreign models. Significant increase in demand for information displays domestic manufacturers led to the emergence of a large number of firms – ephemera that artisanal, according to his means and capabilities, copy the simplest of models. Of course the production quality and components of such products is poor. How to solve the model for how the information booth to choose? A crucial role in the process of selecting the right products in addition to the assortment, quality and price, plays and competent representation of the various options, materials used and the possibility of ordering the stand on individual parameters. We have used this feature, and always ready to provide a wide variety of information stands for both large and small orders, and even the production of relatively simple and inexpensive stands the most serious attention is paid to quality, convenience and reliability. The activities of our company aims to ensure that the customer, once used our services for the production of information stands and other products, not have any desire to go to another manufacturer.

Information booth – one of the the most important elements in the design of places of sales and trading halls. The main feature of an information booth – this opportunity to place information materials in the pockets of transparent plastic. Our company offers a wide range of information stands and a number of other, equally important solutions to accommodate any information about goods and services from anywhere in your store. Information booth is not only effective means of advertising, but also a way to inform their potential customers about updates to the company, the latest innovations and developments, relevant services and offers. Information stands will help you effectively distribute advertising and newsletters, thus, bringing important and timely information to customers. Today, information booths can be found in banks, insurance companies, medical clinics, exchange offices, bureaus, offices, construction sites, etc. Most often, information booths set in a special place where they can easily be seen. Change the information in the bulletin boards to quickly and easily. Provided for construction of information stands pockets do not give a foul attached leaflets, books and brochures, etc.

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