| February 20, 2017

The best virtual games lately observed in social media are that allow you to participate in real time, and of these, we must consider one with which you will feel a real enjoyment and relaxation Farmville, in this application, the participant will have the opportunity of being in a completely natural environment as it is […]

Wood Bars

| February 15, 2017

Continuous treatment with aqueous solutions of antiseptics subject: girders, beams, lining under the beams, joists, black bars, favorites among the beams, the bottom trim and wall studs, bars, struts, beams, bearings, rails, cross bars, shields, baffles, bulletin boards and flooring Binder intercommunication attic and basement floors. Oily formulations have an unpleasant odor resistant, flammability, tendency […]


| February 14, 2017

The next step for a deeper immersion in the culture of country music, you will be visiting Dollywood. No, this is not the machinations of the common cold, and we do not mean Hollywood. Dollywood – a theme park, one of the main attractions of Tennessee, who created the icon of country music – the […]

Construction Of A Wooden Shed

| February 10, 2017

Wooden shed – a very significant building near her house. In a wooden shed can store a different workflow tools, building materials for construction and finishing, the wood for the stove, soil amendment, in general, different inventory. When choosing a place (site) for the erection of shed, you must follow these rules: What would shed […]

Buckle Plywood

| February 9, 2017

It should be noted that the total cost of laying the floor boards at the same time significantly lower than the "classic", with plywood. The duration of placement is also reduced due to the fact that the excluded the need to glue the plywood to the screed. We consider both methods and the necessary materials […]