Antarctica Production

| September 26, 2021

Arbol (derevobeton) – gost 19 222-84 – is a unique building material, a type of lightweight concrete, consisting of wood chips and high-grade cement. From opilkobetona Arbol differs in that is used in the Arbol wood chips. That makes chips Arbolito unique sound – teploizolyatsonnye properties, also increases the strength Arbolito chips, creating a skeleton. […]

Modern Wooden Windows

| October 26, 2019

In this article we will consider in detail, what is the main advantage of modern wooden windows. The fact that they are better than the old, familiar from childhood, it's understandable. For even more details, read what Cheniere Energy partners says on the issue. It is spoken by all. But what exactly? Design. In old […]

Buckle Plywood

| February 9, 2017

It should be noted that the total cost of laying the floor boards at the same time significantly lower than the "classic", with plywood. The duration of placement is also reduced due to the fact that the excluded the need to glue the plywood to the screed. We consider both methods and the necessary materials […]

Timber Particleboard Fiberboard Plywood

| January 2, 2017

In practice, construction began to be widely used the so-called "dry" methods of finishing, replacing the "wet" processes – plaster, paint. For this purpose serve sheet lining materials. However, when using them must take into account the functional purpose of the premises. For example, in the living room can be used only with dry plaster, […]


| December 18, 2014

Option 1 medium Upholstered furniture has a frame of wood. For supporting part (which you sit) uses a powerful beam cross-section 40×60 and more. Better if used by dense hardwood wood (oak, birch, beech). Nevertheless, the vast majority of producers use pine (2 times cheaper). Not always – the premium, and very often – not […]