| March 23, 2017

The ‘savings ‘hammers in petrol stations and supermarkets, the project by Stanislaw Bergo (Austria) ensures headlines in Germany and Austria (see). The project added”enables anyone legal capacity to order vouchers for two famous gas station chain and a supermarket chain for maximum 1000,00 per person per month in Germany. Get more background information with materials […]

Fraisse Act

| March 18, 2017

Based on Murphy’s law, must leave dead times of security if we need them and provide with anticipation, and also take into account other possible not so favorable scenarios during the planning. On the basis of the Pareto principle, we can select the most important thing to do.On the basis of the law of Carlson, […]

Teach Children Fear

| March 15, 2017

We often meet people who are aggressively tuned on dogs and their owners. Of course, the reasons for such behavior are many, from elementary jealousy ("you can have a dog, and I do not ') as well as to various psychological disorders. Most often, the fear of the dog as a child may become aggressive […]

11 Facts And Myths About Sicily

| March 3, 2017

When word of Sicily instinctively comes to mind "the mafia". And every tourist who just returned from Sicily. The first step is asking "and if there is the mafia?" But the Sicilians to this offense, something that for others – black charm of wickedness, for the Sicilian-black pages of their peoples. However, this amazing island […]