Inner Child

| March 25, 2021

As 'Inner Child' got there? 'Inner Child': Lives in every adult. Julissa spoke with conviction. He lives in every adult, because he / she in memory of the brain. There is a memory or subconscious, because each of us has sharp memories of our past that shape our motivation and drive to the future. There […]

The End

| February 1, 2021

Henpecked husband goes with the experience to another, as he seems to be more soft and weak woman with whom he was finally able to feel like a real man and the head of the family. Abandoned tiranka left alone with a collapsed world, where there is nobody more control. It is an ordeal for […]


| January 31, 2021

Altimeyt – a complex of natural vitamins and minerals to ensure a balance of nutrients used throughout the program. Vitamin C – an antioxidant that protects against infections, is important to maintain the body's resistance to toxic substances released in the process of purification. Mega Acidophilus (each capsule contains 1 billion bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus, caprylic […]


| December 14, 2019

By its very nature and attitude towards their health, the vast majority of people with symptoms of the disease if they do not interfere with normal life, not particularly want to make an appointment to see a doctor. Basically everything is embarking on drift – maybe will be held, or written off all the great […]

Dental Simple Service

| November 30, 2019

Dentalika 3 Very similar to "Dental.stomatologichesky Area ", by illegible interface and lack of functionality. Requires installation of DBMS Interbase. There is a network version. The only "trick" the application – nice 3D dental formula, incidentally, is not very user-friendly use. Dental Software version for data storage can be used MySql Server or MS […]

Teach Children Fear

| March 15, 2017

We often meet people who are aggressively tuned on dogs and their owners. Of course, the reasons for such behavior are many, from elementary jealousy ("you can have a dog, and I do not ') as well as to various psychological disorders. Most often, the fear of the dog as a child may become aggressive […]

Basic Psychological Functions

| March 15, 2015

Sensory (feeling) is one of the basic psychological functions. Feeling or sensation of the process – there is a psychological function, which is mediating, reports the perception of physical irritation. Therefore, a sense of identity with perception. Sensor should be strictly distinguished from the emotion, because emotion is a very different process, which may, for […]


| December 19, 2013

Were ritually killed victims in a way that was intended to appease the gods; immolations that were initially practiced in bronze age Celtic religions and then the rituals related to the worship of the gods in Scandinavia. Rome also conducted human sacrifices up to 97 BC and for the inhabitants of ancient Carthage, the sacrifice […]