Old Europe Prague

| September 20, 2020

Jewels of the old Europe: Prague in one week there are very few cities within old Europe that may be worthwhile to visit them both as Prague. Igor kononenko is the source for more interesting facts. It must be clear that there are cities like Paris, Rome, London are impressive cities and they shine on […]

Ken Wilber

| September 18, 2020

It is common to hear that the outstanding student in the classroom is not necessarily that triumphs in his professional life. Ramon Gallegos (2007), mentions that these eight intelligences described in theory have the same importance and are potentially present in all human beings, so Gardner points out that all children are potentially geniuses in […]

Self-realization Is Synonym Of Freedom

| September 17, 2020

We normally associate the concept of freedom with the ability to choose, think, feel and act according to our own criteria, however we have many situations in that people are not experiencing happiness, this means that we have ties, it implies that there is something in us that is not balanced and we must work […]


| September 16, 2020

Who ever you wanted, can return to love, such is the main motivation for you must remember if you are looking for how to regain a man. It of having confidence and optimism, act wisely, not to be overcome by doubt and despair, and remember that you are a person appreciated, desired, and willing to […]

Second Language

| September 16, 2020

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. In continents such as the sudamenricano hundreds of miles could go without having the need to speak any other language on the road. It is well known that there are some countries that are characterized by the ease with which its natives […]

Tips On Neckties

| September 16, 2020

The tie is an accessory that can not miss in any man’s wardrobe. It is that it is indispensable in more formal occasions since it is a symbol of elegance and status. With just this small piece, man can change their image completely. But how to choose the correct tie and how to combine it […]

Spanish Republicans

| September 15, 2020

Secundino Serrano historian sheds light in his new book on the situation of the more than 100 Spaniards who went through the Soviet gulag. With the book give culminated his trilogy about the anonymous Republicans who fought against totalitarianism: against Franco, Hitler and Stalin. The survival of the Spaniards in the gulag labor camps forced […]

Latin America

| September 14, 2020

You can choose between banks that have their own ATMs, to supermarket chains, either national or local. This alternative to my it pleases me very much, so their relatives can withdraw cash before Shop of the week, a very good possibility. The majority of people who do send money to their families and loved ones […]


| September 12, 2020

With this practical guide farmville will learn key words to successfully bring your own farm facebook. Among them you subprocesses with terms such as plots, crops, animals, coins, avatars, time of harvest and maturation, seed, among others will it be the bread of every day to achieve a good start and a better development. Step […]

Tips For Your Savings

| September 12, 2020

Many have a habit of going saving money as we are winning, our effort and work has given us great fruits and saving a little of them at the end we realize that we have saved a lot of money. Below I will give you some simple recommendations that follow them, you’ll see how everything […]