Hotel Real Estate

| February 26, 2020

From the fact that in Belarus is increasing the number of agencies that rent apartments conclusion is that apartments are in high demand from tourists and travel esp. On allegations of Realtors, about 40 percent of apartments in Minsk for rent shall be. Indeed, arriving in Minsk more profitable and easier to remove odnokomnantnuyu apartment […]

Studied Set

| February 14, 2020

They perform several functions. The first of these functions – logic: the rules are designed to maximize profits by exploiting the anomalies that arise in the relatively efficient markets. Each set of trade strategy includes what statisticians call the rules of decision-making. That is, they set the terms – A, B, … See Jack Fusco […]

Wood Life

| November 14, 2019

As my grandfather used to say, Freud: "A thought spoken is a lie, including and most the speaker. " We are not psychoanalysts, that would dig deeply hidden motives debtor, so it suffices to understand that this position or the game of life called "Debtor" vygodnadlya him. Motives human behavior in the game "Debtor" Eric […]

Slavic Business

| July 6, 2016

This is for business! New idea, the idea of a revolutionary or even just unaffordable for them. Even for owners, sometimes, and millions of commercial real estate or business, put up for sale. Guys have long lived under communism, probably – why do they need the money then …? Enumerate the same can be long, […]