Choose Hammer

| February 28, 2020

On the pages of virtually every online store that offers a power tool, you can find the article, which discusses the advantages and disadvantages of drills and impact drills. But most of the articles written off each other, and an abundance of technical parameters even more confusing the unsophisticated reader. A distinctive feature of this […]

High Speed Spindle

| July 23, 2019

High speed spindle – one of the main parts of the machine, it means the failure to stop the car. Purchase of a new spindle is much more expensive than repairing the existing spindles. Companies involved in repair spindles can also make the optimization and modification of the spindles. There are certain steps of repair […]

Artistic Cast Iron

| July 2, 2015

It would seem – cast iron … Which immediately raises the notion of objects made of iron? Cast iron or cast-iron pot – a metal pot, cooking utensils, has nothing in common with the work of art in metal, cast-iron sewer pipes. But a half century ago at the World Exhibition in Paris, art products […]

Storage Technology

| March 18, 2015

What is stock? In a broad sense – is a room or outdoor area for cargo storage. In the warehouse the goods are completed, packed, moved, unloaded, etc. Of course, competent and rational organization of storage process is not possible without the use of a new modern warehouse equipment and warehouse equipment handy. Modern storage […]

Speed Wireless

| February 10, 2015

'After a while, portable digital devices will accompany us everywhere, giving us constant contact with other digital devices and with other people. Electricity meters and water flow system alarms, cars and other material objects of our everyday life will be ready at any moment to report on his condition via the Internet. " Bill Gates […]