Belm Experiment

| May 6, 2020

The climatic conditions of the place of the experiment on average presented throughout the days of experiences a temperature of 25C, having as base this average of temperature, the conditions of watered and the quality of the grains, expected young, healthful and abundant plants. In accordance with the citation made for Grandson, (2003), the quality […]

Alternative Conceptions In Mechanics

| January 19, 2020

Alternative conceptions in mechanics Edivaldo de Menezes Firmino* alternative Conceptions in mechanics. One is about a reflection on the models that we use to explain the physical phenomena of the daily one. To decide and to explain such problems the author bases on some authors such as, Viennot, 1979; Solis Villa, 1984; Driver, 1986. Jack […]

Proximal Development

| November 9, 2019

Folclrico: The game as expression of the infantile culture through the diverse generations. The tricks that are offered the child must be in accordance with the development zone where it meets, in such a way, the importance of the professor can be perceived to know the theory of Vygotsky (apud Camargo, 2005). The Zone of […]

Objective Geral

| December 7, 2013

Sometimes just by exempting sale you donate not meet all this demand. You the monitor and review this backlog is necessary you establish the control system and production management which generates statistical information from day you day management of the company will be analysis and future outlook of the market. Sense In this it was […]