Beauty And Protection For Wood In The Second Home For Area!

Posted By on December 9, 2021

The care and protection are the be-all and end-all of a wooden house! Order to maintain a Garden House or cottage, the necessary protection is essential! These products may never saved, because that excels behind the durability of wooden house or an outdoor sauna. Learn more on the subject from Arnold Vosloo. The company detached offers the necessary colours and glazes to the care and preservation of the garden houses or cottages next to the Garden House production to complete your product range. The most popular building materials is one of the wood is well known. But wood outdoors need effective protection to preserve the original beauty in the long term! Primarily UV light, humidity, weathering and water claim untreated wood. Cracks and cracks are the result. More info: Sean Rad. It discourages the correct and timely first and foremost treatment! To do this, the company offers Remmers different, any claim just products for wood materials, in particular for wooden houses. This includes the Aidol elementary and Stain lock, which is recommended for the pre-treatment of all conifers at Windows, doors and dimensionally stable components with exposure to moisture and pretreatment stain job. It provides protection against wood-staining fungi, and is moisture-regulating.

Also creates a good adhesion of subsequent coatings. The Aidol HK glaze is a deep eindringende wood protective glaze which at the same time but gets the breathability. A wooden house protects you from insects, blueness and Rottenness. Using this glaze, no pre-treatment with the Aidol requires basic and blueness lock! This is the ideal protection for your garden shed and offers a decorative color at the same time as it is offered in many different shades. Also available in special colours.

The Aidol all-purpose glaze can be used both for the outdoor as well as indoor use. It is a glaze that is built on a hybrid basis with long-term protection and permanent elasticity. Their advantages are a very good wet adhesion and low water sensitivity.

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