Beauty And Protection For Wood In The Second Home For Area!

| December 9, 2021

The care and protection are the be-all and end-all of a wooden house! Order to maintain a Garden House or cottage, the necessary protection is essential! These products may never saved, because that excels behind the durability of wooden house or an outdoor sauna. Learn more on the subject from Arnold Vosloo. The company detached […]

Boxwood – Plant, Maintain And Cut

| September 13, 2021

Helpful tips & tricks around the care, the cutting and planting of the boxwood the boxwood originally also Buxbaum called, from the Mediterranean, is however found as wild form in South West Germany. Since the Baroque era until today, the boxwood used as ornamental shrub for garden design. Reason for the popularity is the small-leaved […]

Dining Tables Solid Wood

| September 10, 2021

There are many different dining tables made of solid wood. Massive dining tables are also gladly accepted alternative to the dining table in high gloss white. In recent years, in particular groups have become modern, which are made with a dining table made of solid wood and cantilever. There are very many shapes, functions and […]

Western Red Cedar

| September 3, 2021

You are functional, decorative and now also in Germany on the rise: shutters Interior fensterlaeden wood. (tdx) What could be better than to have breakfast in the winter garden? Coffee, warm bread rolls and the Sun on your face are a good start to the day, but sometimes one withdraws it better in the shade. […]

Solid Wood Table

| August 28, 2021

There are many different types of tables. One is the solid wood table who long with its furniture and would like to live, should take into account in the selection of material and form this. Furnishings are an expression of one’s personality; you furnish the home, the retreat to resting and fueling new energies. Who […]

Christmas Decoration

| August 20, 2021

Decoration as well of course as your Christmas tree it is also looking at the door: Christmas. Fir tree obtain & decorate a Christmas tree, gifts to buy and make the family happy. But something is still missing? Clear! The jewelry for your home in addition to the Christmas tree. The Christmas season is fast […]

Felix Nottensteiner

| August 14, 2021

Savings when buying firewood. The summer months are particularly suited. The summer is wood purchasing time for the stove of the fire Depot OHG – it is since its inception close to our hearts, their customers with all of their knowledge and Know-How to support so that the stove owners can exploit the entire eco-friendly […]

Pabobo Lights Enchant The Nursery

| February 24, 2021

Winter time lights time no doubt is also the dark season has her beautiful pages. Because when it storms outside and snowing, it’s cozy home twice and really cuddly. To make perfect the atmosphere, mood lighting should not be missed. It ensures comfort and does not even winter blues. This also applies to the nursery […]

Little Prices

| October 20, 2020

Buy cheap furniture at deep discounts are furniture purchase items, it is not every couple of weeks new buys. Accordingly the quality should give here of course and also the price should be. High-quality furniture may not be because too expensive, otherwise you could quickly regret the purchase, or to annoy even later still, because […]

Furniture Experiment

| June 1, 2020

Modern set with materials play also in 2010 you must show the experimental side of quite and work with different accents. But even if the individual establishment is up to getting the taste of the individual, should not be forgotten, that it is worthwhile to take on some ideas of the experts. Particularly striking, the […]