Boxwood – Plant, Maintain And Cut

Posted By on September 13, 2021

Helpful tips & tricks around the care, the cutting and planting of the boxwood the boxwood originally also Buxbaum called, from the Mediterranean, is however found as wild form in South West Germany. Since the Baroque era until today, the boxwood used as ornamental shrub for garden design. Reason for the popularity is the small-leaved evergreen foliage, as well as the compatibility when cutting. The boxwood includes 30 different types which differ in shape and color. Due to the slow growth, a small boxwood to the bed frame and hedge planting is well suited. How to properly plant the boxwood the boxwood a very undemanding plant is what is reflected also in the planting. Depending on the use in the garden planting of the book tree is an easy task with the observance of the following rules.

Usually, the boxwood as Solitaire or hedge plant for bedding or way Sockets is planted. The appropriate time to plant for the design of bedding or way sockets are small boxwood, which sold as container plants are used. Always, they can be planted during the vegetation period without that one is bound to certain times. It is however recommended to plant the boxwood to avoid frost damage at the beginning of the vegetation period. If you would like to know more then you should visit Luxify. In addition to the boxwood in the container copies can be purchased also bareroot boxwood, which are planted in late spring in the best case. Boxwood an important indicator before the plant water before planting boxwood, is watering. A day before planting the root ball should be watered enough.

The roots of the boxwood can be just in a bucket filled with water, so that the bale the water can absorb and store. Thus, the boxwood in dry soils can be planted without any. Real planting for the actual planting must first be dug a pit of plants.

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