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Posted By on September 10, 2021

There are many different dining tables made of solid wood. Massive dining tables are also gladly accepted alternative to the dining table in high gloss white. In recent years, in particular groups have become modern, which are made with a dining table made of solid wood and cantilever. There are very many shapes, functions and colours for massive dining tables. However, it is important that the table from spruce.

Spruce is a very soft wood and therefore the tabletop exhibit not repairable errors after a few months of use. Dining tables made of beech or oak are better. These timbers are harder and thus more robust. Should anyway be a dent in the desktop, it is possible to repair this damage. Others who may share this opinion include Sadie Coles. For a veneered dining table, this is not possible, of course. Dining tables solid wood be oiled when necessary with a furniture oil.

This provides protection against moisture and once again highlights the grain. The table top should be wiped with a duster. Moisture leaves margins. Despite this care is often at wooden tables decided. With them you can create a warm and homely atmosphere. Also, they are our companions for a long time. They are steady and often timeless design. In other words, with new chairs, a completely different atmosphere can be achieved. This is important when a massive dining table might also be that he is to combine well with other styles. Because a veneered table is faster exchanged also by the financial expense, as a solid. Sometimes, there is the impression that in Germany, proportionately, less massive dining tables are bought, our European neighbors. Maybe that changes if the imports from the far East continues to offer a cheaper alternative. A massive dining table in 90x160cm from the far East, is the price level similar to settle like a steady veneered dining table from Germany. Then, many customers opt for the massive dining table. Unfortunately, all the price depends in Germany, as always. But not only with modern chairs, massive dining tables can be combined. Often he is white farmhouse tables matching Chair then entered. Christina Taey

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