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Posted By on June 14, 2013

As a human being, we are different from other kind of animals, we could think and we are able to improve ourselves. While the world we are living in is always changing, thus we need to renew ourselves all the time. On the one hand we should have a further study in our specialized field. On the other hand, we should try our best to broaden our views and try our best to know some knowledge about all kind of things. Just for this, I would like to share something I learned from the book about mining machinery. And in this paper, I will only talk about one key important machine in mining machinery, and it is called Impact Jaw Crusher. Firstly, a brief introduction of impact jaw crusher will be given to you; Secondly, you will have a grasp of its performance; Finally, working principle of it will be mentioned. And I believe you will enjoy this just like a brief travel in machinery.

Jaw crusher is widely used for crushing various medium impact Owers and bulk materials in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water, chemical industry and other industries. The performance superiority of jaw crusher displays in the following aspects: 1. The crushing cavity is deep and without dead zone, which improves the production capacity and yield; Jaw crusher has a big crushing ratio and the particle size of the product is uniform; 2 Gasket type discharging mouth is reliable and convenient and with a large adjusting range, which increases the flexibility of the equipment; 3. The lubrication system of jaw crusher is safe, reliable, and convenient to replace the parts; It is also has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, low cost. 4 Energy saving; discharging mouth has a big adjustable range, which can meet the requirement of different customers; Low noise, little dust. The work principle of jaw crusher: motor drive belt and pulley make moving jaw move up and down through the eccentric shaft; When the dynamic jaw rise, the angle between the bracket and the dynamic jaw becomes larger, so as to promote dynamic jaw plate close to static jaw plate, at the same time the material being crushed or broken to achieve the purpose of crushing materials; When the dynamic jaw moving downward, the angle between the bracket and dynamic jaw diminish, the dynamic jaw plate get away from the static jaw plate by the function of the pull rod and spring, at which time the broken pipes are discharged from the mouth of the crushing cavity down. The machine periodically devastated and discharge pipes with the motor turns to continuously realize batch production. Raw material mill

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