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Posted By on June 8, 2013

The grandiose hotel chains often offer highly qualified but too standardized services. The large buildings of conventional accommodations (including the five stars) offer accommodations elegant and neat, but without a soul. Rooms are designed in chain, and there is not a stamp of character that distinguishes one hotel of another. This monotonous situation arises Hotel boutique as a trend more in vogue in the hotels ambience. The slogan is simple: unique hotels like a home, but with the luxurious amenities of the best lodgings. The boutique hotel concept emerged in the Decade of the 80 in the United States, when Ian Schrager created the Morgans Hotel in New York. The copies worldwide have multiplied in recent years, and there is no tourist destination that does not possess a hotel of this type.

It’s intimate establishments, relaxed, decorated with sophistication and good taste to the last detail, with casual feel as in home environments and, in general, without too many rooms. Exclusivity is the brand identity of the boutique hotel: no hotel is equal to another, no two rooms are alike. With highly personalized services, the objective is to make the visitor feel the only guest in the hotel. The uniqueness of boutique hotels has as a result a variety of styles: there are thematic hotels (usually depending on where they are, from a Bohemian Beach to cold mountain peak), modern hotels designed from scratch, and historic hotels rebuilt in old mansions. It is common that this type of hotels is installed in private homes, and they are cared for by their owners. Also called design hotels, high-end hotels and collection, boutique accommodation usually have interesting collections of Arts and crafts, works that in many cases can be purchased after the stay (hence the designation of boutique). The environments are generally responsible to innovators designers, which print an individual to each of the environments tone this exclusivity causes that, mostly, boutique hotels are catalogued between four and five stars, offering refined restaurants with cuisine from author and spas to luxury with alternative treatments.

However, there are also hostels and Inns of cheaper range, adapted to the good taste of the boutique concept. Although currently the large hotel franchises have adapted many of their establishments to the boutique concept, decorations always follow the spirit of a House with lots of style. Because it is inspired by the work of an artist, in the culture of a region, in a historical period or in a decorative style, boutique hotels have their distinction in the love put into every detail, from soaps in the bathroom until the design of their swimming pools. Every thing in the hotel must have the intention of making the customer experience more personalized. A trend that is already in the region and that in Colombia can enjoy Medellin hotels and hotels in Cali among others. Speaking of Cali, they opened a fantastic Cali hotel in colonial style, which may have some of the above elements.

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