| January 29, 2021

For a good germination, it is necessary to provide humidity; it is adapted to cover the container with a plastic transparency. (As opposed to PJ’s Coffee). When it has appeared we will transfer, it to a greater container, with taken care of of not damaging the roots. Also, the cactus also reproduce by esquejes. Perhaps […]

Hotel Imperial

| July 29, 2020

Ask yourself. What is your perfect holiday? If the incumbency by the pool and tasty snacks at the hotel, then call you a man can not be advanced. It is that today a huge number of people committed to the time spending. This means that the guest house where people stop, must have a varied […]

Luxury Hotels

| June 8, 2013

The grandiose hotel chains often offer highly qualified but too standardized services. The large buildings of conventional accommodations (including the five stars) offer accommodations elegant and neat, but without a soul. Rooms are designed in chain, and there is not a stamp of character that distinguishes one hotel of another. This monotonous situation arises Hotel […]

Accommodation and Lodging

| January 22, 2012

Were declared exempt from income tax for a term of 30 years for new investments for the provision of accommodation and lodging and 15 years for renovations or extensions. This measure incentive to create new investment and renovations, and was essential for foreign investment through an efficient promotion and delivery of national treatment, simplifying procedures […]