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Posted By on January 22, 2012

Were declared exempt from income tax for a term of 30 years for new investments for the provision of accommodation and lodging and 15 years for renovations or extensions. This measure incentive to create new investment and renovations, and was essential for foreign investment through an efficient promotion and delivery of national treatment, simplifying procedures and providing incentives for different points sectoral national geography. From the excellent performance between 2002 and 2007, and even part of 2008 has been a boom hotel investment, not only in construction but in the remodeling of resorts. There are 15,000 new rooms and a growth of 18% of installed capacity. Investments in 2007 were U.S. $ 550 million and for 2009 is projected to reach $ 700 million for a 30% growth. Although the occupation falls, investment in the sector increases because the hotel projects are dynamic and are based on trends and prospects informed.

In conclusion then, if we recognize that the hotel is linked to the full with the economy of a growing country like ours. We have seen a positive impact by foreign investors who believe that our country has to be given the war and stand against other developing countries and also of course our government has implemented ideas to promote the hotel investment. Similarly, I would like to share the perspectives of Tourism for the year as 2009 and thus give insight into the expectations of our country. a Continue to improve the image and perception of confidence a More resources via the Tourism Promotion Fund to: – Competitiveness – Promotion International – International Promotion a Quality Programs – Categorization – Certification Quality – Environmental Certification a serious situation for the formal hotel a More domestic and international air connectivity a More short trips a “less long distance travel a More investments in hotel investment a More a Parks More investments in convention centers.

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