Talking With Julia In His Hotel Room

Posted By on February 23, 2012

It's nice to talk with Julio in his hotel room. I know it takes Cuverville a country house and an apartment in Paris, and certainly would find a lasting impression among his books, right there, where he planned and done great things. But it would be this: to find this old friend in a street in Madrid, unexpectedly, with a small backpack and a note in hand with the written direction of a small restaurant is recommended, though, capriciously hiding. a Now both drink in his hotel room and now the two of us confused, and the bread of the sandwich we have been burned in the toaster. It seems that today we will go without supper, laughed July worriedly. a like I said, the preparation of cassava arepitas is simple (a ) a finally going to take spoonfuls of the size you want and you're throwing into the hot oil, letting it brown. You have to look very carefully so as not to be burned. And recuerdaa a For the fans of Julio Cortazar I leave here a real experience that only your side can be: A was the September 17, 2007.

Maybe some years earlier. We were in the hotel room after eating ham and some cheese without bread. We continued with the whiskey for a while and talk without interruption in a language increasingly guided by the hand movement and exaggeration of the irrational in the arguments. July up to go to the bathroom and on his return, realize I can not remember what we came up the idea of forming a maze right there.

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