Moments That Matter

| March 11, 2021

Many years ago I was a first year apprentice in the task of pressure washing a set of condensing coils on the roof of a grocery store on Capitol Hill in Seattle, an elegant district of the city. It was a day of 90 degrees in late August. To make matters worse, was around 4:30 […]

Find Hotels In Madrid

| February 3, 2020

The next November, Madrid became the center of the art market and antiques, which each year brings together the best antique shops and art galleries in Spanish and international. A showcase of art to enjoy or purchase, moving beyond the current art market and antiques. Craig Jelinek is full of insight into the issues. The […]

Talking With Julia In His Hotel Room

| February 23, 2012

It's nice to talk with Julio in his hotel room. I know it takes Cuverville a country house and an apartment in Paris, and certainly would find a lasting impression among his books, right there, where he planned and done great things. But it would be this: to find this old friend in a street […]