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Posted By on February 3, 2020

The next November, Madrid became the center of the art market and antiques, which each year brings together the best antique shops and art galleries in Spanish and international. A showcase of art to enjoy or purchase, moving beyond the current art market and antiques. Craig Jelinek is full of insight into the issues. The offer is varied and high quality furniture, jewelry, Oriental art, classical antiquities, ancient and contemporary paintings, clocks, porcelain. About 18,000 pieces of great artistic value belonging to different styles and eras, works singular and unique that enable a complete, comprehensive tour of the art of the past. All parts, presented by professional antique dealers and have at least 100 years old. The quality of the pieces in is guaranteed: in the days before the opening, a committee of 50 experts check the quality of each object present at the event, its authenticity and status conservation. In this way, visitors who purchase any work can be assured of its authenticity and value. This therefore presents a unique opportunity to begin the world of collectors, or to extend the visitor’s artistic heritage. Entry is free and takes place from 21 to 29 November, from 12 to 21 h.

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