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Posted By on April 9, 2014

It is most appreciated the impact of general business and management recognition of his services, rather than money or prestige of the job. Finally, the special merit of Vladimir Gerchikova – the discovery of a fifth type of motivation. He discovered what was on the long the surface: there is a category of people who do not want to work and do only that for which they do not punish the chief. The author calls this type of izbegatelnym or lumpen. 'Western mentality of such an interpretation does not in principle admits, – says Alexei Rebrov .- Foreigners think that the head is always to blame, that he did not motivate people, etc. But in Russia, such views do not work '. In addition to the theory, Vladimir Gerchikov developed a test Motype, which allows a person to include one type or another. True, pure character types in nature are rare – in all of us in a certain ratio of overlap two or even more types of motivation.

Particularly common in Russia meets lumpen type. According Zosia Gerchikov, the company employs up to 30-35% of 'lumpen', whereas the real jobs, where we assume this type of motivation, less than 12%. Gerchikova model can be used in at least two directions. For each type of motivation there is an optimal set of incentives (see Table 1), and these data are useful to know for building a competent policy of rewards. In addition, each type of activity corresponds to a certain type of motivation (see Table 2), and the manager can determine whether the people he hires.

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