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Cigars cigars or cigarettes are of different sizes, are sold singly or in elegant wooden boxes. You drive to buy if you’re not a smoker, perhaps for a precious gift. The price is almost half the price in Italy. For example a box with three of Montecristo n 4 costs about 10 dollars. You can buy in stores.

In Havana in 5a and 16 House (Calle 5a Ave and 16th Street). In Santiago in manufactured tobacco (Ave. Jesus Menendez 730). Attention to the conservation of the tobacco. Uan adecauda humidity is needed for them. Handicrafts Cuban craftsmanship reflects the influence of various cultures, especially the African.

Many objects are for more related to santeria, the Afro-Cuban religion most widespread on the island. Dolls of patchwork and ceramics, masks can be found or masks from paper mache and wood sculptures. Cartoons of tamarind seed is made. Cute hats of woven tufts of Palm or coconut fibers. Baskets and bags are also made. In Havana old palace of the crafts (Calle Cuba 64) can be found. In Santiago in the House of the crafts (Cathedral square). Food rum is compulsorily purchased and most famous brand is the Havana Club in several versions: brandy, the most economical; Charter white Anejo 3 years and particularly used for cocktails. Charter gold, stale 5 years, and the most refined cellars for 7 years. The precise range of 4 to 7 dollars each bottle. For entrepreneurs the most precious Cuban rum is retained Methuselah, product of Santiago de Cuba, aged 25 years, bottle can be found around 15 dollars in the House of rum in Bishop and Bernaza in old Havana.

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