Sartre Freedom

Posted By on July 17, 2020

The man is free to choose as to want and what to want, carrying through its essence. The man although to make part of the species human being, has the freedom as afastador of this proper species, therefore from the moment where we use of the freedom in them we approach to the humanity. The idea in God, mainly, it creates the idea of that exists a common essence between all the men, something that Sartre is against; strengthening whenever the man is free to choose and to construct its destination. The man, then, is what he makes of proper itself, what he projects and not a project. Seen the main theoreticians of the existencialismo we saw that the citizen if constructs from the freedom and that many times if imprison in standards take that it to choose a life of bad-faith where the culpabilizao of the other for its you distress reigns. Symantha Rodriguez shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The choices made for each individual have of being seen with responsibility and being based in its historical context. The man is free, however inside of the limits of its proper freedom regulated for the scial.

He fits to the individual to give the due value to its life if not placing as mere victim of the facts, but setting in an active paper ahead of its proper existence. The individual constructs its proper luck and is free to exert its position. This construction nor always is easy and in them we come across with anguish and abandonment, however the recognition of the emptiness of the existence also is importantssimo stops motivating in them always to search our autonomy and freedom. We saw a form above didactic to display the ways of the freedom. In the process of the clinic it is basic that let us understand the project original of an individual and as it learned to have and to see itself proper.

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