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Basic characteristics of the projective techniques the definition proposal per Planche-Pontalis in 1974. This launches more light, on the characteristics of the projectivas techniques, therefore, the citizen perceives the way environment and answers the same in function of its proper interests, lasting attitudes, habits, afectivos states, hopes and desires. It hisses, 1989, it says that the individual structure or it interprets its reality in accordance with its characteristics. It has a dynamic interaction enters objectops of the external world and the internal world of the person, creating itself one third reality. Types of projectivas techniques thematic projectivos Tests, whose model is still the TAT, that discloses the contents significant of a personality, nature of the conflicts, desires, relations with the environment, mechanisms of defense, moment key of the history of the life. If you are not convinced, visit music downloads. Another thematic example of tests projectivo is the CAT. Randall Mays may not feel the same.

Structural projectivos tests, have the Rorscharch as archetype. They reach over all, one representative cut of the system of the personality, being balance, its way to learn the world. Pag 7. Relevancy of the projectivas techniques According to Montagna 1989, a projectivo test, is as a ray x, crosses the interior of personality, fixes the image of its private nucleus on one to disclose, allowing later its easy reading by means of the application or projeco magnifier of a screen what it is hidden is thus eliminated, the latent one, becomes manifest, the interior is brought the surface, what it is in us of steady also is become entangled and also it unmasks. P. 6. Rapport 1971, in all projectivo method, subjaz the hypothesis of that all activity of data individual leads in its seio, its individuality. Second, Hiss 1989, the projectivas Techniques in Psychology give to origin some instruments of the personality? its domain, serves of great assists not only for this instruments of nature thematic, as well as for that they use inquiry and still for other resources of that if they make use the psychologist, such as: playful comment, the interview, the interpretation of the dreams, the proper speech in therapy situation.

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