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Posted By on June 26, 2020

Before, we are living a time characterized for the fear, the lovelessness, the egoism and the violence. The poetry disappeared musical not if almost express sensitivity more. Perhaps I am pessimistic excessively. With sixty years, our judgments are loaded of experiences, frustration, dreams not reached, of unfinished projects, already we saw of everything, we try many things, we also lose many things. You may find that Digital Cameras can contribute to your knowledge. Also, the patience With sixty years the vision of the future well is funnelled, runs against the time, therefore we know perfectly that a person from now on will only meager. Pains if accumulate The bones if become fragile the vision diminish the people if they distanciam we run risk to be ' ' flat and ranzinzas' ' repeating same histories, and charging of the people what they are not made use to give: time and attention. What more it wounds the aged ones they are not pains caused for the inevitable illnesses follow that them, yes the disdain that the people demonstrate.

She is as if they were unnecessary, its experiences do not serve for the current days, until seem that the human being is only become fullfilled errando, losing, apanhando. However, we have trunfo of the victory, arrive until here. We saw villages if becoming adult cities, children if becoming, politicians being put down, raised, others falling in the esquecimento, some receiving the miracle from the All Powerful one and living very, others, which insane people putting end the proper life smoking, drinking, vitiated artists being in drugs, and other doidices more. She is I arrived at the sixty. Pr.Valdemir Fields Rock/out.2011

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