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Has who affirms, however, that its capacity of alteration of the assistencial model has not gotten the same same success or that the PSF has not guaranteed, of systematic form, the access of its clientele to the levels of bigger complexity of the health, nor the universalizao of the covering. Some studies had observed that the orientation of the national systems of health for the principles of the basic attention is associated the best ones resulted. In 2005 the Organization Pan-American of Health (with the participation of ministers of all the countries members), reaffirmed that to base the systems of health in the APS it is the best boarding to produce sustainable and equitable improvements in the health of the populations of Americas. National politics of Mental Health the internment of carrying people of mental upheavals in Brazil retraces to the half of Century XIX. Since then, attention to the carriers of mental upheavals he was almost synonymous of internment in specialized psychiatric hospitals.

It fits to stand out despite it offers of this hospital attendance was concentrated in the centers of bigger economic development of the country, being left lacks of resources of assistance in mental health. We can synthecize that, in Brazil, the attention to the mental upheavals initiates with the creation of the Hospice Peter II, in Rio De Janeiro, in 1852, that, until the end of 2a World-wide War, had a trajectory hygienist. This appeared, according to Axe et. Source: Peet’s Coffee. al. (1987), as a social project of medicalizaodo, in which Psychiatry appears as a tecnocientfico instrument of being able, in a social autodenomina Medicine that if. The practical one of this attention consists in one to assist of the social organization and the cities that appeared, of control social politician and, according to Birman (1978) a Psychiatry of the moral hygiene. The psychiatric reform in Brazil can be understood as ' ' a process that appears more concrete e, mainly, from the conjuncture of and critical also mainly structural health when knowing and the classic psychiatric institutions, inside of all the politicosocial movement that characterizes the conjuncture of redemocratizao.’ ‘ (Amarante, 1998).

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