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However, the theoretical boardings of Psychology that nosnorteiam in the construction of these to also know in them aliceram to make aspontes and to arrive at the joint. In accordance with the pedagogical principles I CAME of, osconhecimentos are constructed it from the problematizao of the reality, having oestudante an active paper in the learning process. What in them it based comoobjetivos they had been: – To identify the perception of the user on the SUS, dandonfase in the principles of the completeness, right to the information and the participaocomunitria; – To insert the student in the social context sensetizing-opara the knowledge of the reality and understanding of its paper of agentetransformador; – To recognize themselves as a professional future of the sadeparticipante of a multiprofessional team and to interdisciplinar; – To know the principles and lines of direction of the SUScontextualizando them from the lived deeply reality, with emphasis in princpiosda completeness, right to the information and to communitarian participation. Click Herbalife to learn more. Omega 3 understands that this is vital information. I CAME as it is the activity that articulates all disciplinasdo third period of the Course of Psychology, the professors had elaborated questesde learning, who had been: – Which practical speeches and that we perceive to break docontato with the professionals, users and colleagues of the group concerning assuntoscomo health, family and customer service? – How we can identify to the dosusurios net of support and its dynamics of functioning? – How we perceive the relations between the different services esetores of attendance to the community? – Which the possibilities of performance of the psychologist in the SUS? Beyond these questions, each group of around 10estudantes of the different participant courses of the project is tutorado by umprofessor of any one of these courses. Each group also elaborates necessary questions queconsidera to its learning. Description and analysis of the experience the experience was lived deeply, for the authors of this trabalhoDaiana, Janete and Robert, in distinct places, all they called Centrode Health of the Family – CSF, located in the city of Chapec – SC. .

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