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The PAPER OF the FAMILY IN the CONSTRUCTION OF the IDENTITY OF the Mauritnia CHILD Alves Saints of Educational and Familiar Advising Melo for the Adventista University of So Paulo, UNASP? EC. Graduated Psychology for the University Catholic of Brasilia – UCB Summary: Amongst some influences that affect the infantile development and the construction of the identity of the child, perhaps, none is so significant as the influence of the family. This work, based on bibliographical references and existential comments, aims at to analyze the paper of the family and the factors that intervene with the process of construction of the identity of the child, from this familiar perspective. Word-key: family, child, adolescent, identity. Abstract: Among the many influences that affect child development and construction of the child’ s identity, perhaps none is significant the influence of the family. This to paper, based on references and experiential observations, aimed at examining the rolls of family and the factors that intervenes with the process of building the child’ s identity, from this perspective family.

Key-words: family, children, adolescents, identity. Introduction the spite of the variety of conceptualizations regarding the familiar structure, the elements constitute that it, as well as the impact of its influences on each member of the family, is undisputed. Inside of this perspective the children are, in singular way, affected. In the process of human development, infancy has special relevance, therefore in it if they define basic aspects of the person for all its life. Therefore, to understand the paper of the family in the construction of the identity of the child is of utmost importance, as much for orientation of that has the responsibility to educate and to form the infantile characters, as to help in the possible decurrent upheavals of negative interferences in this process.

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