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If you need to record videos to fortify his presence online and knowing that these have an immediate impact in their hearing, but is of the type of person that has thousands ideas in his head and she is to him difficult to order it while she speaks against a chamber, deberia to use a teleprompter. My I imagine to be listening to it when it says that these equipment costs hundreds and up to thousands of dollars. Then it does not let be right, professional telepromter they are very expensive and they harian incosteable any effort to own one in house to record videos domestic servants. The good news is that being based on the principle of operation of but expensive you can do his in house. It places the chamber behind a crystal that reflects the letters that leave a monitor, ipad or one laptop. the peculiar thing is that the chamber to be well near the crystal is incapable to catch the letters that happen in front of the crystal.

Its glance that falls on the crystal, reading, then is caught by the chamber that this exactly behind. Everything is that you speak cautious to chamber when in fact you watch towards a crystal that projects letters reflected from a monitor source. In order to construct to telepromter you would need two or three piece wood to make the base. Some usually use pieces of I bequeath. My experience has said that a crystal to me of ” dollar store” it can serve but tendra that to have to make adjustment in the angle of reflection to secure resistance on the crystal. The chamber goes behind. You do not worry, the letters never seran caught, (thanks to a physical principle) that if, places the chamber but the near thing the crystal, to guarantee image cleaning. When its device has finished, to which it can call to telepromter homemade, cubralo with a dark cloth, type old chamber, this would increase constraste within the reflecting box.He is funny, I practice, because it works mainly and economic. Luck, later tells me as it were to you?

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