Scientific Psychology

Posted By on October 11, 2012

All this raised with a critical approach, questioning the expositions that have supported to scientific Psychology and raising the slants and assumed truths. Of relevance, the interdisciplinary nature and its criticality, as well as the promotion to the reflective position on the matter than have occurred us like absolute and true. Before entering the concepts of Scientific Psychology, the Positivismo, the Socioconstructivismo has been tried to establish a definition of the concept Science. The science concept is, in itself, problematic and its discussion and analysis in depth are matter of the philosophy of science or epistemology. Several have been definitions given in the debate on the matter, such as a form to acquire and to organize the knowledge , the tool more powerful than we must to know because the things in our world happen thus like the unique valid way that to date the human being has been able to create to interpret the phenomena that surround to us and to establish principles with the purpose of to organize our reality, avoiding the possible subjectivity forms to make generalization from investigations that are carried out by means of observations, analysis, comparisons, hypothesis, tests, experiments, etc the way to include/understand to us and to include the world surrounds that us to acquire knowledge based on empirically demonstrable reasons like an activity that are strongly ligature to the surroundings and the historical moment, as well as to the scientist that the activity realises its values and beliefs, attitudes, perceptions of the reality, influences strongly in the direction of his work .

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