Alexander Belov

Posted By on August 25, 2012

Olympics in Munich memorable sports fans by several developments. The most important of them – it’s certainly among the hostage-taking of Israeli athletes. But for basketball fans from Russia (and former ussr countries) Olympics in Munich, is remarkable for another team and win our country in the men’s tournament. It happened in 1972. It is worth noting immediately that the Olympic Games in Munich, the ussr national team has won 99 awards, of which 50 gold (Absolute record result).

Special attention at the Olympics has been chained to the types of sport, where face to face came together athletes from the U.S. and the ussr. It so happened that Munich has witnessed the struggle between two irreconcilable rivals in the final men’s basketball tournament. The fight was sverhupornoy, but won by the Soviet basketball players – after a long transfer partner, Alexander Belov, throws the ball into the basket, and the ussr national team makes triumphant Olympics in Munich in 1972. Soviet team managed to win at the Olympics has only once – it happened in 1988.

It is interesting to note that our team’s victory over the Americans is a bit like the famous “Miracle on Ice “- a U.S. victory over the ussr in the final hockey match at the Olympic Games zamney-80. Nevertheless, the “miracle on the dance floor,” one that the victory of Soviet basketball players are not baptized.

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