Andrei Bolshakov

| March 26, 2021

If you were attracted billiards, Russian, pool or snooker, you definitely need to buy a billiard cue. Because, just having your cue, you can increase your skill at billiards. Boris aris – known Moscow wizard producing professional cues. Workshop there on the pool market for over 10 years. High-tech, large enough production allows to produce […]

Mediterranean Flair In The Magdeburg Borde

| January 16, 2021

Huge fields line the route on a drive through the Magdeburger Borde. But if you think, that is to see it in the most fertile region of Germany’s only grain or potato fields, will believe hardly his eyes when he discovered oregano plantations reminiscent of picturesque. There is however no Mirage, which reflects distant fields […]

Rally Transorientale

| January 14, 2021

During one of the stages of Rally Transorientale on Tuesday, killing two drivers, the official website of the race. French motorcyclist Philippe Tonen (Philippe Tonin) died after a collision with 'KamAZ' Vladimir Chagin. The incident occurred about 12:00 am the territory of during the sixth stage of the race (Karatubak-TOGA). Arrived on the scene several […]

Football Club Barcelona

| January 11, 2021

It is unlikely that there is now in the world at least one serious football fan, who would deny that football is a world center of Barcelona. Club colors – garnet and blue filled the airwaves and the Internet web. By the centennial club soccer team Barcelona won and placed at the feet of his […]

Spanish Republicans

| September 15, 2020

Secundino Serrano historian sheds light in his new book on the situation of the more than 100 Spaniards who went through the Soviet gulag. With the book give culminated his trilogy about the anonymous Republicans who fought against totalitarianism: against Franco, Hitler and Stalin. The survival of the Spaniards in the gulag labor camps forced […]

UDM Father

| January 30, 2020

My mother was a seamstress and without the consent of my father could not work, let alone their own company. a So, that powerlessness was growing on me like a volcano, and as I had opportunity to contribute to neighborhood associations, political parties Left-wing today would be considered left-and where I found my identity was […]

How To Choose A Basketball ?

| May 25, 2019

When you select basketball goals is of great importance where the game is played. If classes are held in the basketball hall, you can stay on the choice of ball, covered in leather or with a special composite material. Play with such balls in the street should not be. Professionals prefer balls with a microfiber […]

Tips Top

| July 31, 2015

Sit on the edge of the bench. Straighten your torso, straighten his chest and shoulders, gather in the stomach. Slightly rotten in the lumbar spine, lumbar muscle strain and fix this posture until the end of the set. Take a deep breath and hold your breath. Squeeze your biceps and bending your elbows, lift the […]

Marc Staal Best Defenseman

| July 7, 2015

Maybe he's not a magician in attack, Brian Leach, but the game in the game of his skill in defending helped to win and defend the gates of Henrik Lundqvist. Despite the fact that Staal is one of the most stable players, he has not received the recognition of their achievements on the part of […]

The Brake

| January 26, 2015

Therefore it is necessary work, consisting of two parts – cleaning and lubrication – regarded as one. Check availability bike. This will help you keep a bike in good condition regardless of whether you ride every day on it, or are preparing to cross to terrain. The first three steps in this on the brakes. […]