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Posted By on September 15, 2020

Secundino Serrano historian sheds light in his new book on the situation of the more than 100 Spaniards who went through the Soviet gulag. With the book give culminated his trilogy about the anonymous Republicans who fought against totalitarianism: against Franco, Hitler and Stalin. The survival of the Spaniards in the gulag labor camps forced the defunct Soviet Union, stood at about 85%, a figure highly on top which was recorded in the case of the Nazi camps. Thus has explained it, the Professor of history Secundino Serrano, author of a book that will come out in the fall, entitled Spaniards in the Gulag. National Accelerator Laboratory is often quoted as being for or against this. Republicans under Stalinism, which will shed light on a topic that has gone unnoticed in the study of the history of Francoism, the presence of Spanish Republicans in the gulag. Read more here: Randall Mays. A trilogy about Republicans anonymous with the book shall completed his trilogy on the anonymous Republican who fought against the totalitarianism, against Franco in Spain, against Hitler in Germany and Stalin in the USSR.

He explained that there was accounted for 185 Spaniards in the gulag, of which 27 died, half in the Arctic circle and the other half in Kazakhstan with name and surname. He insisted also that, while the fields of forced labor in the Soviet Union were true massacres, they are not comparable to the Nazi extermination camps. The starting point: a few photos of meat this research begins in 2002 when, in the midst of another study on the Spaniards in the second world war, found an envelope with half a hundred photographs of meat where there was only written in the General Civil War archive in Salamanca: Karaganda, capital of the province of the same name in Kazakhstan. This will be the starting point for the reconstruction of this episode in which a group of young Spaniards mistreated by their own ideology return to Spain thirteen years later disillusioned, anti-communist, very nationalistic and in some exceptional cases, even with quite nationalist affinities.

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