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Posted By on June 15, 2012

You have repaired in the campaigns of marketing of you credit easy fast and that had invaded our quotidiano? If he lives in this world, concerteza that yes. Probably already he bought or already he felt himself attemped to buy vacations, a plasma, a electrodomstico and the installments, making for this a credit in the place where he got the product. Perhaps probably he did not make the accounts to the interests that will go to pay, therefore became had not made made this purchase, at least this credit. If he had made the accounts would have fond illation that much money would aforraria if it appealed, on the contrary of this, to a bank credit. Evidently, this would not be an easy credit fast e, therefore the banks are more demanding and more delay a little to approve the credits, therefore they are much more cautious in the analysis of the associated risk the concession of the credit. These companies of easy credit fast e, have necessarily that to practise taxes of high interest therefore the credit can be said that grant, it is call credit of high risk.

They do not demand many guarantees of the consumers, and in such a way they do not have guarantees of that some day they come back to reconquer the loaned money, what it happens in many cases. It is truth that many of the people who consume this type of fast credit, only sink its financial situation still more, therefore its image is spotted next to the society. But also it is truth that normally these companies loan to money the people who already do not have credit next to the banks, and therefore are come close subjected to have that to appeal to these companies. One is created here circulates vicious: when a group of people who have a bad historial of payers if comes debtors to appeal to the credits with high taxes of interest associates, hardly the result will be some pleasant thing and hardly, this type of consumers will say wonders of these companies. I am not with this to defend of some form these companies, but yes to try to give a more realistic vision of different intervening in this market. If it wants to know more on I credit fast and easy, it reads mine blog.

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