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Posted By on December 16, 2012

Why you have fear of being happy? Why he lives if being deceptive for there and suffering on account you are welcome? Not accepted the reply of the type ‘ ‘ ah Hudson, but I do not give certain with nobody, nobody I look at pra me, etc etc etc ‘ ‘. I can say a thing to you, this everything is why you want and in this article I will go to explain because. All we human beings possess the same material, the same capacity to create companies as Microsoft, the same genius to direct companies as Apple, the same charisma and ability to govern countries of first world. the main one, all we have the same capacity to have a life we prosper, satiated, abundant and happy with the person who makes in them to feel well. The only difference is that few know of a great truth: ‘ ‘ it has a law in the life that it determines in charge of that the pleasure and pain always will walk after an other, being the person to choose what it wants first, being that you are obligator to try the two sensaes’ ‘. What it happens is that the majority of the people chooses the pleasure before stops to feel pain later.

Everything in the life depends on constructions, and its happiness does not run away to the rule. A great building depends on a good base, of a good foundation. It only imagines as it would be if its residence was not constructed with the well-taken care of had one. If the person chooses the pleasure before the pain of the effort, it will be condemned to pass the remaining portion of its frustrated days, because the pleasure without solid bases, trustworthy if she transforms into deceit, and she takes many people to distort great truths of the life. Now what it is intelligent you are to opt first to the pain of the effort before trying the pleasure for some reasons. It is as if its happiness was a great building and you he was at the same time architect, engineer and mason of this great construction. You to want yourself to live in a building with solid structures and of trustworthy bases you you will have that to make the effort of an architect, she will have that to make calculations of an engineer and will have that to make the service heavy of a mason in the arduous land of its life.

You do not have alternative, if to want to be happy of truth, you will have that if to strengthen in acquiring an attractive personality, it will have that if to strengthen in having proper opinion, will have that if strengtheing in learning to say does not stop what does not make you well, and the main one, will have that to make choices where many things will have that to be left of side in virtue of its search for the happiness. You can construct its happiness starting from now. But I will go to warn to it: ‘ ‘ If he does not hurry in constructing a barraco to be its happiness, pledges myself in constructing the highest building to call it its happiness, of the work, but after a time you will see how much she is amused to construct and how much ‘ is compensating to ahead see its happiness of its eyes; ‘.

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