Interviews With Children About Money

Posted By on January 1, 2013

Interviews with children about money today, the topic of money and well-being, worries many, if not everyone. Question of having money – it's a primary, primary, basic condition of quality of life. Any sphere of life health, life and leisure education, hobbies, work, etc., requires financial resources. For example, there is free medical care, but if you are interested in health, better pay for it. Accommodation here is either rent or buy, but in any case the money. Education – to ensure that the child received a diploma of the University with a degree that has never become his profession, too, will have to pay. And so on. In other words, money – it's companion for life.

This is not your husband or wife, which could be a case of what a divorce. Money – it's like the air – a necessity. The sooner people learn to "breathe financially," the brighter, more interesting and successful will be filled with his life. "What is happening today training proper handling of children with the money? ". To answer this question we decided to talk with the children themselves what they think about it. We were invited for an interview three children of different ages, so they responded to twenty questions about money.

The youngest – First grader Tanya, her 8 years old, Pavlik was a little older, he was 12 years old and he already has his first business (selling stickers at school) and their first money. Julia – 19-year old student, of course, she did not consider themselves child and is just a "door to adulthood." First question: "What is money?". Tanya and Julia responded the same way – "This is a piece of paper on which you can buy something," Julia just called the money "securities", although the meaning of not too much has changed. Pavlik also said: "This is small change for a unit of exchange." Of course, all our guys have their own pocket money, and each of them understand why they are needed.

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