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Posted By on February 7, 2014

He is someone with a single mind, with philosophical ideas that build your subconscious and which require great energy. He is a person that burns intensely on the inside, and the physical transformation helped me find the answers you were looking for on the character, said Fox, noting that he gave with the key shortly before filming. Future projects that darkness is not something that the actor has sought consciously as a contrast to the success of lost and other series such as Party of Five, the titles that gave him fame in the first instance. In fact, their future projects include Emperor, a beautiful story developed at the end of the second world war and in which she shared credits with Tommy Lee Jones, even though in 2013 it will coincide with Brad Pitt in the apocalyptic World War Z. I do not think to seek deliberately twisted characters. I don’t feel to read scripts hoping to come up with what I do next, I simply prefer one in particular when attracts me.

I don’t care if my character is good or bad, the important thing is the story, he explained. The murderer who embodies Fox is known in tape as Picasso for his obsession when it comes to portraying the death with Cubist drawings. It is a villain who enjoys inflicting pain on its victims and that it considers only in those moments when the human being is really free. However, the script does not detail their intentions nor explains his behavior, which turns him into a mercenary whose presence is more menacing, said Fox. I decided to not find a story to explain their motivations. There are many actors and schools who believe that we should do it, but I think not so necessarily.

I spent a long time to discover how is the character now, in the present, and what you want to show the world, reflected the actor. In his argument he offers a daily passage about false appearances and ensures that in life, things are rarely what they seem. When you walk down the street and reparas in someone, if we believe have any indication by your physical appearance is like its history, we are almost always wrong. I believe that human beings are incredibly good at masking our past, ended. See more: Matthew Fox, the lost hero, embraces its dark side in the mind of the murderer

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