Poetical Whispers

Posted By on January 30, 2014

The Miriane princess, Guard of the Leafy Bushes, will answer for the varieties of Beryl, mainly for the water-navies that, for its bluish color, were the preferred ones of the Sovereign; 6. The princess Eliminated, Guard of the Sacred Fire of the Viscera of the Land will assume the works with Rubies and Sapphires, precious rocks; with Tourmalines, semiprecious rocks that to all enchant for its colors (green, blue, black or pink), but that they will not be produced in great amounts; 7. For the Valdnia princess, Guard of the Open pasture Fields touched the responsibility for the many rocks that are found in varied amounts, in esparsos places and that very they are coveted, as: Garnets, Opals, Andaluzitas, Cianitas, Brasilianitas, Euclsios, Espodumnios, Crisoberilos, Citruses, Aventurinas, Labradoritas and others that eventually were formed in the subsoil or were created throughout the works. Defined all the responsibilities the Goddess Agate and the seven princesses if had moved for a gorgeous palace idealized for the Magnificent Sovereign and constructed in the Forest of the Poetical Whispers, it enters the Waterfall of the Risonhas Waters and the Hill of the Soft Vespertine Breeze.

The place was being at the same time, dwelling and base of operations. Immediately to the arrival the works of elaboration of the rocks and the process of distribution of the species and amounts had had beginning, as the elaborated project. With the planetary surface total re-covered for forests, rivers and mountains the divine emissaries had mainly concentrated its works in the sop and riverbeds of mountains, disfarando well the places with signals that they only knew to identify. They had not needed to be worried in informing to the human beings of some regions, therefore the Messina priestess, astuciosamente, already a good amount of gold nuggets had apanhado and shown to the inhabitants of the town where it inhabited disfarada..

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